Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chrishan's "Man Of The Year 3" review

I do have to say this this did start kinda slow to me at the beginning because you wasn't talking about anything but I stuck with it because yo beats are raw as hell and this was engineered to perfection. As I continued to listen I realized that you are much more talented on R&B tracks. As the mixtape plays it gets better and better with pieces like Track 12- "Back To You"

Maybe it's just me or do I see more and more artist trying to bring the music back to hip hop instead of just rapping. This is a something great to play if your alone with your sweetie pie trying to eat some pie. The whole feel of this kinda remind me of a Music Soulchild album how you can groove to every track.  Keep going Chrishan and bring back that 90's style of love songs. A great era for music. 

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