Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marquis' "Above Average" review

CHOCOLATE CITY STAND UP!!! This was a pure pleasure to listen to. He has all the intangibles of a good artist, good beats, well mannered lyrics, and a commendable swag. I was uneasy at first listening because of all the tracks but I didn't mind because it has a nice vibe. Track 17- "So Bad" is the gem of this one.

If I were to make one suggestion it would be to have more beats like the two bonus tracks at the end on your next mixtapes. You sampled Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" and Usher's "Nice And Slow". Those two tracks is what really made this mixtape glow. More people identify with old hits and I love the way they were remixed.

I also liked how you had a nice variety of raw rap and r&b. Most artist are one tier and don't know how to turn off their gangsta and turn up the love or vice verse, but you do it very nicely. It keeps the flow of the mixtape alive, so stick with it and you are sure to thrive.

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