Tuesday, August 20, 2013

T. Jacob's "Gimme A Beat Mixtape" review

I skimmed through the first part of  this mixtape because I am not a fan of unsigned unknown artist using mainstream big name beats on their mixtape. Nothing wrong with having a track or two of popular beats, but for most every track that is bad because there is no individuality. There are too many producers selling greats beats online. If I wanna hear a beat that's on the radio I would listen to the radio, but I listen to datpiff because I want to hear new talent and sounds.

Why support mainstream media? They only put about 10-12 artist on regular rotation and it sound like they put the radio on repeat playing Drake and Kendrick Lamar all day. It's like the radio refuses to admit that there is other talent than the top charters. I know the top earners is what people wanna hear but the music industry is controlled by corporate greed and they don't like to sign new talent because that means less money for them.

Now don't be a dumbass and say no to a lucrative deal if you are lucky enough to be offered one. Nothing wrong with selling yourself out if they make it worth your wild. Make sure you have a lawyer that you trust read over anything they want you to sign and explain to you what it is you are doing because if you don't these record companies will totally fuck you over without the slightest remorse.

You can download this mixtape at the link provided below:

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