Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cypha The Great's "Good Times" review

For a freshman album Cypha The Great did his thang. I was frozen in my seat as I swag to his beats. This was made with pure grind and hustle. If he keeps doing that he will shine and have muscle. Track 7 "Good Times" is my fav.

Somewhat takes me back to old Dipset days, like Kayne's old beats when he cared. Reminds me of the rap style of Hell Rell. BTW He has a new mixtape coming out in a few days. Make sure you cop that and cop this "Good Time" mixtape because it will have you tuned into another realm as he concocts a plethora of rhymes and well executed beats. I do have to say the the vocals didn't sound properly tuned and there is some slight unclarity but it still goes in with the raw ass lyrics. A round of applause for the artist Cypha The Great because he didn't do that by mistake. Just put in more work and you just gotta wait. 

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also did you know I am able to collect donations? I just saw that when you visit the blog on a moble device you don't have a hyperlink to click on to donate. I will try to fix that, but while I do you can click on the link below under donate to provide One Single Dollar through Pay Pal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.




  1. Appreciate this man.. Im in school for mixing right now so my next shit will be much more clear. Hope people start donatin soon bruh, i'll end up leavin a few when I get my own paypal running. sooner than later

  2. Thank you. Its clear you have all the intangibles good rhymes and good beats; but there is one quality that only be measured by time, which is someone's grind. Keep cranking out more and more until people are forced to like you. One rapper that I attribute this to is Gucci Mane. When he first came out I thought he was horrible.Just the worst thing to happen to rap ever but Gucci ignored all the haters and over time had a great number of mixtapes. One day I downloaded a torrent with all his mixtapes and now he is one of my favorite rappers because of how he came up continuously feeding his fan base with what people like to hear. I look forward to listening to your next mixtape.