Monday, August 26, 2013

Wiz Khalifa's "Blacc Hollywood: The Mixtape" review

It may be an unofficial release but it's still nice to hear Wiz Khalifa. It may be long as hell but it is a nice update of what the platinum selling artist has been up to. Can't wait for his new album due to drop any day now. Until then I will swag to tracks like Track 7- "All I Know" ft. Big Sean. BTW Soulja Boy also had a track titled "All I Know".

You really expect nothing but the best from Wiz Khalifa at this point in his career. He has set the standard when it comes to mixtape greatness. A true pioneer of the new age rapper who catapulted his career into the mainstream by fan request. He keeps a strong fanbase by never failing to please with his magical lyrics and classically beautiful beats.

One quality about Wizzy that keep him relevant is he has a mean swag. He has been swaggin for a long time and hard work pays off. It sound like in Track 9- "Paradise" you hear a sample of his Sing Swag. Ladies please hold on to your panties because Wiz Khalifa will be raiding your room, as he prepares to work dat auto tune.

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