Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Torch's "No AC Vol 2" review

Yet again another big name artist I have never had the pleasure of hearing. At first when I was listening I thought this was another small name cat that stole the Maybach Music soundbite but he is a legit MMG artist with the last No AC having over 250k downloads. No Rick Ross for Rockie Fresh features but he didn't even need him because this was pretty damn decent with a consistent flow with reason. Track 7- Malaria ft Fred da Godson & Styles P, is real trippy.

I like it when I listen to a artist I have never heard of but then I do my research and see that it is me who has been missing out. Numbers don't lie and talent never dies. Torch spit dat hot fire. He carries that New York style of rap with great punchlines and connecting verses. Promise I will fuks with Torch for now on.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also a playa gotta eat so donate a dollar pretty please. Thank you fro visiting Great Franks Place.


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