Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rich The Kid's "Rich Than Famous" review

Rich The Kid comes in swagging stronger than ever with this new swagged up release. He never fails to bring you something to get you swaggin and stacking. Everybody gotta work for what they have, and everything is a swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Please know you will understand the hustle and grind, when you hear Track 12- "Work For It" prod. by Zaytoven.

I remember when I first saw Rich tweet this mixtape months ago. I appreciate that he actually followed through and released it on time. Alot of artist lead their fans on, and constantly push back the release date. A real professional stays on task and gets the job done. He sure did deliver with every track and made sure everything was swag. He makes sure to consistently keep going places like on Track 10- "On My Way" ft. Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel; prod. Zaytoven.

See the best thing about listing to Rich The Kid is he really is RICH $WAG!!! He is not lying, and when you listen to what he has to say you will understand. He is a story teller and his lyrics take you into his realm. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to stay $wagged Up, and it's not always pretty. When you come from rough roots it can be alot and you will hear that on Track 03- "From The Street" prod. Deko & OG Parker.

Now you are able to watch Rich's videos on MTV Jams on a regular. I even hear brothers playing it on their iPods and radios. His current hit "Trap" is remixed on this mixtape, and it's nothing but smooth sailing. Same here for me because I am getting more and more readers daily. Something is soon to swag. Thank you visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shy Glizzy's "Law 3: Now Or Never"

Shy Glizzy teamed up with DJ Drama and comes in with a masterpiece mixtape for all the swagged to swag to. I never listened to a Shy Glizzy mixtape before this one, but he had me enamored with his high pitched vocals and deeply thoughtful messages. He has much more to say than your regular street talk and you will hear on Track 12- "Better Day" ft. Goo Glizzy; prod. Trauma Tone.

I must point out how similar Shy sounds like Young Thug. They can be easily mistaken, because I originally thought his hit "Awesome" was Young Thug. They are two different swaggers and go hard on every track. I personally enjoy Glizzy better, simply because I dont have to search the lyrics online to understand him. Its all good because they both getting money and you can be sure of that when you hear Track 10- "Money" ft. Young Dolph; prod. Zaytoven.

I undetstand alot of people would not give an artist like Shy a chance. He is on here rapping about illegal drugs and street life. I personally have no clue what its like to be raised in the streets. What he does is bring you into the realities of real life. There are alot of people who feed thier family from illegal activies. We as a society tend to judge someone without first fully understanding thier situation. If we extended a helping hand instead of trying to lock them up then things could swag. You will feel where Young Jefe is coming from when you hear Track 09- "Handcuffs" prod. KE On The Track.

This is the second time I'm writing this review, because I accidently deleted it the first time. I am real dedicated to my craft and if any artist of any genera wants a review email me at Please only ask for mixtape reviews, and if you dont have one on a major site don't bother me. I only do mixtapes because they are free for my readers to download and listen. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fashawn & Alchemist's "FASH-ionably Late" review

Here goes a nice hip hop lyricist that has been doing his thing for some time. He had me swagging, and I had all kinds of fun listening. It may only be 7 tracks, but it's nothing wrong with this. This mixtape offers a variety of different genres sounding swag, and you will will his pain in Track 07- "Never Waiting In Vain".

It's nice to hear a new production from Alchemist. He has been producing strong for some time now and has always worked with top quality artist like 36 Mafia and what not. I never heard of Fashawn before, but he is legit with his proficiently versed messages. He goes strong on a nice jazz swag on Track 09- "Songs In F Major".

I read the comments and somebody posted "More Negro Raps". I totally disagree because this is a well crafted work. This is more so the quality rap that started hip hop from its roots. Also somebody had the nerve to say "Only 7 Tracks". I come across way too many mixtapes that have too many tracks. I have listened to this 3 times today, and every time it sounds nicer. These are mixtapes and nobody is paying to listen. 7-10 Tracks is all anybody needs to show your talents. Anything after that is a waste of my time, and starts to get stale. This work stays fresh from begging to end and you will stay entranced when you hear Track 04- "Amen"

Fashawn has other mixtape and I suggest you go listen, and stay in tuned for future releases. He now has a new fan, and I hope he follows me back on twitter, He is verified and I can't wait until I get my blue check. Everything takes time, so I will continue to swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jet Life's "Audio D" review

Here goes a swagged up mixtape from all the Jet Lifers for everybody to vibe to. This mixtape had a different feel, as opposed to your smooth tranquil sounding jazz swag. This was more of a early 90's UGK down south swag, but please believe it is top quality and will have you plugged in with joints like Track 02- "Wreckognize" ft. Curren$y.

This was released a few months ago, but I have been listening for some time now. At the time,Jet Life released so many mixtapes in a short time span. It was difficult to keep up. It's all swag because I have all of them in my library. I always show love for some fellow grinders. Everybody associated with them is masterfully talented, and you will hear on Track 08- "The Hustle" ft. Le$ & Smoke Dza.

I always try to make it to a show whenever Spitta comes into town. It would be nice if they did another Jet Life tour, and have it be exclusive to those artist affiliated. It really sucks when you go to a show and all the opening acts are a bunch of guys you have never heard of. It's like your standing around for hours, and it takes away from the overall enjoyment. I'm sure everything will swag and you will too when you hear Track 03- "Playa Stats" ft. Young Roddy. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Sean Brown's "Mascot 2" review

Here goes another swagged up artist sure to keep you zoned in from beginning to end. Sean Brown has released so many top notch mixtapes. I remember listening to "Whole Foods 2" and writing a review. He is multi talented, and can go hard on any kind of beat. You will witness when you listen to Track 06- "Throw".

I really like that he produces his own beats. Shows alot of prowess when an artist is able to be skilled at everything. I have never seen him on TV or heard him on the radio, but please be sure he is star in his own realm. He reps the West Coast and nobody out there is whackers. Just shows that the west coast has never fallen off, and you will know when you hear Track 02- "West Side" ft. Hi-Tuned.

I wrote in my last review that he should add more 'Turned Up' tracks. He did that plus some. I like it when an artist is flexible with his style, and able to stretch his ability to different sounds. He really doesn't hold back. He can go in on an original hip hop swag, or he might spazz out on some techno swag. You are unable to label his swag with any particular style, but that's all swag because he is in total command with his abilities. You will be sure none of this is mess up and fixed up with no flaws like in Track 13- "Mistakes" ft. Jean Castel; prod. Joey Castellani.

It's nice when I log on and see artist continue to grind. I know how important it is to keep going, because everybody gotta work. Like in Track 08- "Mula" you gotta be about making money or you gonna stay broke. I stay on my grind putting on the artist I appreciate. I used to ask for donations, but that's not necessary anymore. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rip City Rick's "Rise & Shine" review

Here goes a true artist that is sure to keep you in-tuned from begging to end. I was introduced to this from by my brother a few days ago and I was enamored by his proficient expertise. This is a work that deserves to be acknowledged and you will hear his capability in Track 06- "Spell".

I really enjoy being able to put a spotlight on an artist of his ingenuity. He has other mixtapes, and I'm sure all of them are just as nice as this one. I will be sure to be on the lookout for future works. He lyrics are structurally on point, and he keeps his message consistent through out the entire mixtape. If you don't believe me then listen to Track 12- "Long Time"

The only problem with this mixtape is I never heard of him before. This came out a few months ago, and I just came across it. If it wasn't for my brother, I would have no clue he existed. I have learned that if you don't spend most of your time promoting your work, then there is no point in doing it at all. Not everybody is gonna swag with what you have to offer, but that's all good because there are plenty more who will be willing to give it a chance. Sometimes the timing just isn't right, but when it is be prepared like in Track 13- "Ready Or Not" ft. Floss; prod. by SMASHA. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bobby Capri "Lemonade Mixtape- No Sugar Added" review

Here goes a mixtape from a pure professional top notch lyricist. Bobbi Capri comes out with some smart inventive rhymes and awesome premiere beats. He always swag on a track. I remember listening to his other mixtape "Instant Gratification" and writing a review. You can go to my archive to find it. Bobbi is not new to the game and he been doing his thing for a minuet, and you will hear it on Track 09- "Been Trill".

He gave you a bunch of more tracks on this mixtape than the previous. Honestly, I first heard this mixtape when it came out, but I don't do as many review as before. I knew to keep him in my library, because there is no way I would not show my appreciation. This was a great work that took alot of skill and craft. You will receive all his messages clear and free on Track 07- "80 Thoughts".

If you a pure hip hop fan, you will be enthralled with his harmonic vocals and proper word delivery. I listened to this with my peoples and they agree. This is an artist that everybody should be on the lookout for. You better believe that only good things grow from a sure certificated piece. All you gotta do is stay on your job like in Track 02- "Grindin' #Premix". Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

BJ The Chicago Kid's "The M.A.F.E. Project" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Here goes the nice sounds of R&B, but at the same time it's just right for the streets. Really it's best if you turn this on with your bae in between the sheets. If your a fan of Maxwell or D'Angelo, then you are sure to love BJ with his Seductive Sensual Swag. He is sure to have you enchanted with Track 12- "Soul Of A Woman".

This was a sure pleasure to listen to, but it did make me feel kind of lonely because I'm single. Never the less, I was tuned in from beginning to end. This work was masterfully crafted and magnetically ravishing. It's nice to hear an artist from the city that doesn't continue on with that entire 'Chiraq' persona. He really took this work to next levels and will have you captivated with Track 7- "Good Karma".

It's too much negativity out here for people to be acting all hard-hearted and trenchant. Find you a special someone that loves you for you, not some fake persona someone might emulate. If you can't be comfortable being yourself with your special someone, then maybe they are not the one for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you should seem flawless to your boo like in Track 05- "Perfect Skit".

The only issue I have with this mixtape is there is no credit to the featuring artist in the track titles. I look for things like that, because it's nice to see artist work together. In Track 11- "What You Do To Me" I believe I heard Smoke DZA on the track, but I can't be sure because no credit is given. Other than that I will be on the lookout for more works from BJ The Chicago Kid, and all of yall should be as well. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

AGoff's "The World Is Yours 2" review

WOOP WOOP!!! Here goes another swagger for yall to swag to. SWAG!!! AGoff has been going hard for some time now, and he never fails to keep everything legit and legal swag. The Swag Gang Gereral has swagged up to next levels, and is working with major SODMG artist. If you wanna verse from him it's gonna cost you, but its all swag so just hit him up like in Track 10- "Hit My Line".

I remember when AGoff first started with Oceangang, but now he is working on his own. It's all good though, because he has always gone off on every track he goes on. At first, I couldn't believe he was charging $600 for a verse, but he must be getting paid now. That's what happens when you stay bossed up and getting them digits like in Track 02- "Doing Numbers".

I don't know what has been going on with the rest of Oceangang. I always know what AGoff be doing, because I follow him on twitter. He is a professional and keep's his listeners in tuned with all of his moves. That's the way you suppose do it. I don't understand why most of these artist are not on they grind? You gotta be a go getter and give it your all or your done like in Track 18- "Shoot Or Get Shot".

I understand this mixtape came out a whiles ago. I have alot of reviews to do. If any artist wants a review all you gotta do is email me at I will do any genera, it doesn't matter because I listen to all kinds of music. I might have to start charging because I am getting alot of request. All you gotta do is hit me up. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Talib Kweli's "Javotti Media Presents: The Cathedral" review

Javotti Media comes out with a true swagged up mixtape. SWAG!!! Talib Kweli has a new crew and they all raw. A nice assortment of proficiently skilled lyricists and premiers beat bangers. He really never fails to not release anything that doesn't have you stunningly astounded, and you will know when you hear Track 5- "Everywhere I Go" ft. Talib Kweli, Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., & Kendra Ross.

I've been listening to this since it first was released. How do you not turn your attention to a truly skilled and accomplished Hip Hop chart topper? Talib comes out with mixtapes on a regular, and they never fail to leave your cranium bedazzled and mystified. I mean really he can go off on a track, and you will witness it on Track 10- "What's Real (Live)" ft. Talib Kweli & RES.

I really look forward to hearing future works form all these featured artist. It said in the description that this is Talib's new company, so I expect to hear plenty more from all the Javotti's. It's a whole bunch of them, but none of them are bad swag. One track everyone should tune in and listen to what they have to say is, Track 02- "Boomerang" ft, Talib Kweli, K Valentine, Cory Mo, k& NIKO IS. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Corner Boy P's "Amerikan Greed" review

Yet again we have another exceptional release from one the many dignified exquisite Jets Setters. Within the last few months they have released mixtape after mixtape on a weekly biases. Honestly it's hard for me to keep up, but I have been listening to all of them. Corner Boy P illustrates his talents and it's time for people to recognize with Track 10- "Riding Slow" ft. Spitta.

I've been listening to this mixtape continuously since it was released. Everything about Corner Boy's swag oozes from a grind that anybody can vibe to. It's nice to listen to somebody who is real with their lyrics because you can relate to what they have to say, and please believe you will comprehend when you hear Track 11- "Paper Chasing" ft. Neno Calvin.

I found the title of this mixtape very intriguing. Greed is what drives alot of Americans daily lives. Think about it, we live in a country where we have so much. I remember learning in college that the United State is less that 5% of the the world's population, but we consume about 30% of the planets resources. Half the world's billionaires live in our county. We are forced to live in a system where if your not consumed by greed, then you have no worth. That's capitalism for you and if you didn't know, then you will after you listen to Track 09- "They Know". Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Kid Vista's "October" review

Kid Vista in the building. I'm not gonna yank anybody chain and suggest you listen listen to this, but I will say this is well crafted. This was produced with clear quality and good intention. Practice makes perfect and the more you grind the more you shine. He really kicks it off nice with Track 01- "Sunset".

I don't want Kid Vista and his crew to think I'm simply being mean, it's just I'm honest. After the first track everything went down hill. The recording quality was nice, but the lyrical content and overall message left me dumbfounded. It appeared as if the lyrics were just written as an assortment of random rhymes. Even the freestyles don't flow right, and you will know what I mean when you listen to Track 03- "Grindin' (Freestyle)".

I don't want to discourage future artist from asking for mixtape request. Anybody can get better and it's constructive criticism that helps you grow. My suggestion to Kid Vista would be to find some sort of artistic touch and practice your delivery. On Track 13- "A Million Words" he says " I wrote a million words just to scribble them out", maybe he should write 10 million and keep grinding until everything starts swagging. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Message to ALL beatmakers.

This morning I had an unusual request. A producer emailed me and asked if I could write a review on his beats from his website. Make no doubt about it I have no problem listening, and his beats sounded nice. Only issue is I listen to hundreds of different producer's beats, and his did not stand out to me as special. I'm not gonna name him because I'm not trying to trash anybody, but there are many issues that I see all low-level producers doing.

First off, why are all these no name producers trying to sell beats at premium prices? I understand that selling beats is your craft, but most of yall have no identity. There is no way I would spend $500 on a beat from somebody I have never heard of. Your main focus should be to up your status and brand. Don't spend all day tweeting trying to get somebodies attention, praying somebody purchases anything. How's about you spend that time tweeting, working on beats and creating a sound that couldn't be copied or stolen.

Another issue, when I visit these websites I don't fully understand how the purchasing process works. I can lease or buy a beat. That makes no sense. These are beats, not cars. If I pay my hard earned money for a beat, I don't want anybody to be able to profit from that beat without my expressed written consent. Stop it with all the gimmicks and keep it simple. I give you my money and you give me a beat.

I listen to alot of mixtapes. It's gotten to a point for me, where the beat itself is not that special. To me, all beats sound the same. That doesn't ring true for all, but I was in the car with my mother listening to these beats and we share the same opinion. What makes a beat special is the overall work. It's getting to a point where anybody can make there own beats. The technology is easily available and reasonable affordable to the average person.

This is not directed towards any specific producer, it's just I give my perspective. I'm a blogger and me being honest is critical to my product. Hundreds of producers follow me, and as soon as I listen to there beats I know why I've never heard of them. If I wasn't 100% truthful with my readers, then my word is useless. I just wish producers were more creative and realize that if your not unique, then your nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

M.A.x.'s "Coming Of Age" review

CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!!! Here goes a piece of work that is Smooth & Serene Swag. Swag!  It's nice to listen to a new artist who has everything mastered and polished. She really put alot into this work and it clearly shows. M.A.x. put everything on a track that is sure to make you come back like on Track 04- "Miss Me (Im With It)".

In all seriousness, this was a great work. None of that street talk or follery that currently consumes hip-hop. This is all sensible rhymes due to put you into a deep thought about what is real. This is something that you could feel comfortable playing with your grandmother in the car. She really swagged and you will hear it on Track 02- "2:50am".

I would like to know who produced the beats, unless she does her own. This is a work that sounds like it was recorded by the best of engineers. I love that because I get artist that request reviews, and it sounds like they recorded everything on a smart phone. I just ignore those request because I respect artist who take there craft serious and are willing to grind, showcased in Track 06- "Struggle With Me".

I do have to say I noticed when I downloaded the zip file that the songs where not properly filed. Minimal issue, but may I suggest that this be uploaded on one of the major mixtape sites like Live Mixtapes or Datpiff. She calls this an EP, but really its a mixtape really because it available for free. I personally don't feel comfortable downloading zip files from any small sites, but it's all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The LOX's "The Trinity (3rd Sermon)" review

D-BLOCK STAY HOT!!! Yet again we have another masterpiece to add to your collection. This time it is from one of original Trio of Swag to bring hip-hop to da swag. "Money, Power, Respect" is one of my favorite albums, and one of the first that I swagged to. SWAG!!!  Now they add another work from 'The Trinity' collection. You already know what it do with Tracks 07- "Rolling With The Homies" prod. by Chris Stylez.

What I really like about LOX is they stay true to the game. I mean seriously, these are platinum selling artist putting out a mixtape for FREE! Swag! I know what be swagging, when you do thing for free. In the long run, it equals more money. Its a Wait Swag, but the best things in life are free then you will see, like in Track 03- "Wait For Me" prod. by Jahlil Beats.

I mean, when you are legends in the rap game, you will stay the same. It's part of who you are, and everything you release Auto Blows. SWAG! LOX are more than experienced and respected, they have not dropped a step. The still are master punchline lyricist that could take down the best of the new young niggs, and you will hear in Track 02- "Real Is Real" ft. Von; prod. by Virus.

I appreciate all the new followers and readers. Like I always say ,if anybody wants a review, just hmu, that's all you gotta do. Get at me on twitter @greatfrank87 or email me at I'm always willing to listen to new artist and enjoy exposing new talent. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Migos' "Rich Nigga Timeline" review

SWAG!!! DA Migo gang done did it again. They done gave yall some more to stay alive so you always thrive. SWAG! Seriously life can really suck alot, but ass long as you swaggin, then you know you will always keep everything up like in Track 18- "Struggle" prod. by Zaytoven & Cassius Jay.

What else could you expect from the chart bangin young rich niggards? Seriously, Migos is continuously managing to take over all the swag with their Trio of Swag.  They never fail to put out a mixtape that doesn't take over all your senses and desires. When you listen in to their magical message, you know they telling the truth. Just listen to everything they say and obey like in Track 07- "Pop That" prod. by TM88. 

One thing I have to say that sucks is this is not an official album. Make no mistake about it, I do love that I'm able to download and listen free of charge, but I wouldn't mind actually paying for it. It's nice to just swag pay for a masterpiece to add to your collection. Please believe, I know that this rap swag is about dat cash swag. You better pay attention to Track 05- "Buyin Em" prod. by Swift Bangs. 

After listing to this mixtape, you will know that you ready to go to they show. I believe I heard that they are performing a show tommorw at Club Adriana. in Markham. I'm not 100% sure, because I never see them tweeting about their shows on Twitter or Instagram. I only heard one commercial on the radio. I would love to go, but I'm gonna stay home. Last time I went to one of there show's, it wasn't a good experience. I didn't have enough money and I couldn't get in.  Its all swag tho because I'm sure it's gonna swag and you should go and have fun like in Track 08- "Came To Party" prod. by DJ Durel.

Alot has swagged in a different direction for me lately. I now understand the importance of taking better care of myself. It's alot out here that can take you out the game. No need in anything silly like high blood pressure or diabetes slowing you down. All you gotta do is continue to grind so you can stay good like in Track 15- "All Good" prod. by Cassius Jay. 

I'm always willing to do a review for anybody who want's one. Now, sometimes I do get request for some strait GARBAGE!!! I pick up garbage in the streets and get $wagged up. I don't review garbage, but if your consistent and keep asking I will get to it eventually. Don't be mad if  I'm not the nicest, but it will be fair and honest. Until next time, Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young Roddy's "Legal Dealing" review

Now this is another mixtape from the Jet Setter that is sure to keep you focused on the swag. So much fakeness out here that it can desensitize your perception and focus on life. Young Roddy continues to stay at the top of his game and there is no way he wont continue to rise releasing tracks like Track 7- "I Know It" ft. Curren$y & Smoke Dza prod. by Howard Davis.

On a musical front this is what I expected, pure excellence. It's a damn shame how the music industry works, because quality good sense music is ignored for popular club bangers and profits. I listen to so many mixtapes and there is no originality or creativity from most of these "artist". Everybody trying to get rich and most don't realize that real wealth is derived from your personal grind and you will know when you listen to Track 4- "Tryin" prod. by Howard Davis.

I personally find the title of this mixtape significant. We live in a world that is trying to trap so many people for others benefit. Alot of hip-hop is based off illegal activities. So many youngins out here listen to all that and are mislead to believe that is how you should live life. Then they are suckered into a legal system that is set up to make sure you never see success. Once you get a felony you cant vote, can't get a job, and you live a life where everyone judges you negatively. Find a hustle that will keep you out of prison and take Roddy's words to heart like on Track 5- "Selling That Sh%t" ft. Mr. Marcelo.

I just went the entire month of October without smoking any marijuana, and I still have not picked up a joint. Just doesn't seem right at the current time. If any artist out there want's a review just email me at or hit me up on twitter. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rex's "Blessed" review

S/O to Rex for putting me on to his swag. This mixtape was a pure joy to listen from beginning to end. When I first listened I realized how analytically cerebral this sounded. He really brings you into his realm to explain how everyday we all struggle with the devil and demons of daily life.  You gotta stay true to the higher power and be blessed in this world to keep going like on Track 11- "Elements Of Duality".

First off, I must point out how awesome these beats are. They are somewhat trance enduing plus everything sounds professionally recorded and mastered. I mean really, there is no turnt up crazed sounding auto-tunes throughout the entire piece. There is few credit given in the track titles, so I will assume he makes his own beats. Nothing wrong with that, and I put originality over all. That one beat on Track 06- "Heard Nuthin" really had me swaggin.

Also, I like how the title is tied into the lyrical content. Alot of rappers will have a title that has nothing to do with mixtape. They just rhyming random thoughts and have no focus point. It's one thing to say you blessed, but to know you blessed, is truly a blessing. When you listen to this you will feel his message. Just swag up and you will know what I mean when you listen to Track 04- "Levitation".

I wanna thank Rex for hitting me up and asking for a review. It took a few days because I be busy and working on other projects. I read the comments and one mentioned he from Chicago. SWAG SWAG!!! HMU again and we can swag. I also see he has two other mixtapes and I will be on the lookout for future works. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Young Trizzle's "Versification 2" review

SWAG SWAG!!!  Here steps in another swagger that knows how to use dem words and swag dem verbs. If your a fan of skillful adept punch lines, they your due to love these rhymes. This is a professionally crafted work, with 25 tracks of pure grind. You gonna love da swag as soon as you play Track 07- "Revenge Of A Dreamer".

Very soon after I started playing this I could understand why this is titled "Versification", because I can verify that he is legit. This guy Trizzel has talent that is on Wheezy levels. Really, he sounds alot like Lil Wayne, back when he was swaggin with the Hot Boyz. Nothing wrong with that. I was constantly amazed with every punchline and rhyme. That is not easy and can be a headache if you not swaggin. You will appreciate his skillz after you listen to Track 11- "Versification" 

Now when it comes to the number of tracks, I was kind of annoyed. There is no reason for there to be 25 tracks. Mixtapes are promotional pieces and nobody is getting paid. I did skip some tracks, especially the ones without original beats. I know alot of producers who work really hard, and will give a good deal on some great beats. Its nice to gone head and pay for beats, because karma will swag you back and up the downloads. Producers and DJ's are great for promotion too and will have all kind of people listening and downloading.

Another reason why it's not good to have so many tracks, because most folk are not gonna bother to listen to all of them. Put out the best ones and promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!!That's the name of the game. No point in putting out great works if nobody's gonna listen. Also there is not enough credentials on the track titles, and I have no clue who the features are. Its all swag though and I will stay on the lookout for future works. 

I do this as a free service to any artist who wants their mixtapes reviewed. Literally, all you have to do is get at me on twitter and ask. Ask and you shall receive. A follow back would be nice too. I'm working on other projects, so I will get to it as soon as I'm available. Please continue to spread the word about my blog and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Curren$y's "Saturday Night Car Tunes" review.

Swag Swag, SWAG!!! Dis was another drop from da boi dat keep it hot. Curren$y is a serous swagger swaggin up to da Rich $wag. I mean he never fails to get dem bails. All u gotta do is get it through the mail. Swag. R u swaggin mi swag? Well anyway just download dis and listen to Track 07- "Dojo" ft. Wiz Khalifa.

I really enjoy listening to these short mixtapes. It's a nice promotional piece for an artist and can be listened to in a single sitting. What's really nice about Spitta's work is he is not your traditional rapper. I'm getting older and I'm tired of listening to all that fast pace street shit. I'm listening to more classical and jazz swag, and you get that with joints like Track 04- "Night Like This" ft. Rich Boy & Tiny C Style.

On Track 06- "Music n History" Spitta says "It's a war going on in the streets every minuet, and you aint gotta walk out yo crib to step in it." Dis some real talk because life has too much bullshit presented to us. Shit can be so mind boggling and depressing, that it takes every last bit of energy simply to get out of bed. You need artist like Spitta to help keep your head clear and focused on what's important.

Lastly I gotta thank Spitta for the good show a few months ago. There was all kinds of great opening acts and Lil Durk came on stage and swagged with him. It was kinda exhausting standing and waiting for him to finally get on stage but when he did he had dat shit jumping. Cant wait for him to come back in town. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rich The Kid's "Feels Good 2 Be Rich" review

Finally!!! I hear a solo work from the all talented Rich The Kid. I have been tuned into his swag since Streets On Lock [The first one]. He is a staple in da Migos game and has got all da fame. SWAG! He really knows the formula to swag up to next levels and stay grinding and passing the levels with all the stars. You will be all on his swag when you slide to Track 7- "Wet Wet" ft. Migos.

Now, I have really enjoyed listening to the works of Rich The Kid. I like how he stays on his grind all da time. I mean this guy never fails to deliver and he is a pure Killer. Swag! Every track he gets on is a prue swag masterpiece becauze he is a beast. SWAG! iAlways see him tweeting and he make sure dat everybody be seeing. SWAG SWAG!!! Yall know he always get da shit swaggin like in Track- "Thousand Times" ft. Rockie Fresh & Stalley; prod. by Yung Lan.

Seriously, Rich The Kid is raw as fuck. Dis nigga be going HAM!!! Swag. He be working with Quality artist and da shit be swaggin. I saw a tweet from him promoting his future shows. I hope he comes to Chicago soon. I heard dat Migos was recently in town, but I didn't go. I had to work dat night, plus I tried to go online and buy the tickets online, but I was unable to find the link. Last time dey came here the ticket priced doubbled at the door and I'm poor and can't afford. It's all swag though because I will be on the lookout for future appearances. SWAG! He getting dem rack like on dat track Track 14- "Rich Nigga Shit" ft. K Camp; prod. DeeMoney.

Also, I like how Rich keeps shit real. He really is Rich. SWAG! What folk don't realize is there is plenty forms of being Rich. Did you know you can be Rich and poor at da same time? Trust me, I know because I work so hard on des reviews and get no revenue. It's all good tho, because I do my best to promote. I remember when I first heard Track 4- "Trap" ft. Migos; prod. by Zaytoven; I was like SWAG! Dat shit was on MTVJams and dat shows dat he is deep in da game. I hope to get on dem levels one day but for now. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Snoop Dogg & The Eastsidaz "That's My Work 4" review

Snoop swags in with another swag to keep yall swaggin. Swag! I know this came out a good minuet ago, but it has stayed in my playlist and I couldn't forget about Da Dogg! SWAG! Yall know Snoop never stops swaggin and he is a legend in the game. SWAG SWAG!!! He never fails to release any work dat doesn't swag, so I'll always stay true to da original swagger.  Yall will defiantly know what I swag mean when listen to Track 18- "Lets Go" ft. Natt Dogg. R.I.P. Swag.

What I like about this mixtape is how true Snoop sounds to da original loops. These are the original sounding tracks & beats that fueled his fame to greatness from the bottom. He has really found his nitch with da mixtape game because not many are able to adjust. Alot of big time artist can't put out consistent masterpieces because they are tied up legally. Those record companies will hold you by the balls forever and not let you work, even for free. But nothing stops Snoop from doing what it do. You will know what I say when u play Track 06- "Bottom Girl".

Yall know alot of no swaggin is going on, with dat killer cop poppin dude 6 times. Yall know, dat shit in Missouri. Dat shit is horrible. I mean, YES dat was a no good nigglet dat needed to learn a swag lesson, but did he deserve to get BLASTED!!! Bang Bang!  Dam. It's all swag because karma finna swag. All dem stupid niggas that's holling and rioting, is gonna get Karma's Thrash Swag too. Them hooligans making all black folk look like a heeven race. WOOP! Snoop Lion needs to swag go there and serve dem niggas to sum smoke swag like on Track 11- "Put 1 Pon The Air".

It's so raw dat Snoop keeps grinding because he is motivation for all da swaggers to keep swaggin. I have been lazy myself, but now I'm comitted to up my game up. I have alot of mixtapes to review and I'm finna swag. SWAG SWAG!!! It's been a year since I started this blog and I finally have a steady flow of readers. Tired of being broke, working these grave labor jobs that just aint swaggin. There will be some upgrades pretty soon and all I gotta do is keep swaggin. Thank you for supporting and reading and visiting Great Frank's Place.


Monday, July 28, 2014

CJ Gatz's "POV" review

CJ Gatz comes in with another mixtape sure to stimulate your swag senses and have you tuned into his swag. He really has a specialty to bring you into his realm and have you buzzing throughout the entire piece. Not often I run across artist who keep the flame going strong like him and you will know what I mean after you listen to Track 03- "My City" ft. DJ & MJ Damage; prod. by Benny Liang.

I appreciate CJ for asking me to listen to this because it was a pure joy from beginning to end. I remember listening to his last mixtape "Omega" and it left a strong impression on me. I remember how smooth and sophisticated swag it sounded. He doesn't put on an act like he is some big time and keeps it real. Please believe it's really good and I will always be willing to give pure talented artist their credit. He sure does know he is spitting some real swag on Track 10- "Hot N Cold" prod. by Beatspear.

Also, I like how CJ has an extremely diverse amount of producers and features. It is pretty whack when I listen to a mixtape and the artist didn't work with anybody. Alot of big names wont work with other artist because they got an ego, or they charging them all kinds of money. Nothing wrong with compensation someone for they time, but when it comes to music all you doing is rhyme. Anybody can do it, but the question is can you shine? It's nothing to the real swaggers because we do it all the time. All you gotta do is stay on your grind, like on Track 07- "Tunnel Vision" ft. Sean Kash; prod. by Bentley Hendrixx.

I'm back on my grind writing these reviews because I got fired from my job and I have nothing but time on my hand. Plus I'm working on other projects including my own mixtape. It would be a pleasure to work with CJ Gatz someday on da swag track. I'm willing to work with anybody who wants to swag. Until then I will continue to find artist like him to write about and promote. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gucci Mane & PeeWay LongWay's "The White Album" review

Gucci may be locked up but that doesn't stop him from continuing to feed the streets with work. This time he teams up with PeeWay LongWay and makes magic on da tracks. MPA is a legit crew that has so many rap gods its ridiculous. They always ready to have you safe swaggin like on Track 05-"Dangerous Click" ft. Jose Guapo. 

Alot of people I know have no clue who PeeWee LongWay is. Me being a blogger and a substantial fan of Migos, I have liked PeeWay from the first time I heard "Dirty Sticks". It's great that he came out with a mixtape with Gucci to help raise his profile. He is extremely talented with his walloping vast rap vocabulary and dynamic high-powered zippy rhyme delivery. He gives you something to think about on Track 07-"In The Way" ft MPA Duke. 

Everybody knows what you get when you listen to Gucci, drug dealing and balling. When it comes to LongWay, I personally don't feel that is his strong point. After listening to him for some time now I feel he is better when he expresses his sincere swag more. He is more poetic than someone would think, but because he continues on with the thug persona it's difficult for a new listener to grasp. It's all swag though because he is a fairly new and I'm sure he will find his swag eventually, until then enjoy releases like Track 3-"Call Yo Plig" ft OGD.

I will be on the lookout for more releases from the MPA band camp because they really know how to swag. Gucci will be out of prison one day but I do have its silly and nonsensical how he is not able to stay free. He getting older and I know he tired of being behind bars. At what point does he grow up and stick to the business? Its no more "Free Gucci" from me, now its "Stop Getting Locked Up Gucci", but I will still support. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Corner Boy P & Mary Gold's "Designer Drugs" review

This was a mixtpae that had me swaggin from the moment I peeped the cover art. Jets are always swaggin at the top of their game and you should expect nothing less. They continue on their exquisitely proficient legacy with champion tracks like Track 3 "Remember Me" prod. by Samir Urbina.

I don't really know much about Cornor Boy P or Mary Gold. I first heard Mary on Currey$y's last mixtape "The Drive In Theater" on the "El Camino" track. I have seen Corner Boy's features throughout the years. I really like the comforting sedative like beats and how both artist gel on both tracks. Also I have never heard of the producer Samir Urbina, but I do enjoy how this work was crafted. New Orleans niggs really know how to swag like on Track 4- "Roll Up" prod. by Samir Urbina.

I don't mean to turn this review into a Spitta focus, but he is coming to Chicago to do a show this Thursday night at the Metro. Do I have a ticket? Hell yeah. I hope his opening acts include Corner Boy and Mary because it would be nice to see them perform on stage.

To all my readers I apologize for my recent inactivity. My energies have been focused on other projects, including recording my own mixtape. I'm not gonna rush anything and everything will swag in due time. Also I deactivated my twitter page for the time being. Stay offline for a whiles and just blog until I'm ready to release everything so be on the lookout. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mike Biggiz & Bag Of Tricks Cat "Paid In Sex" review

When Mike Biggiz hit me up on twitter to review this mixtape I was like swag swag. I'm not really into blogging right now but I'm always willing to give any artist a review. He teams up with Bag Of Tricks Cats on this mixtape and they create some magic with joints like Track 7- "Stone Cold Stunna" prod. by Cashous Clay. 

I like this because Mike Biggiz stays consistent with his swag. He wants the world to know he is a pimp daddy mack and there is nothing wrong with that. I reviewed his last mixtape "Pimp Hard Or Die Trying" and that one was swagging as well so pimp on playa like in Track 06- "Pimp Hand" prod. by BeatBusta. 

Before, I had no clue how men pimp women. How does one convince somebody to go out and earn money and then bring it back to them? They put in all the work, but then give the reward to another. Then I got to thinking most of us work jobs and our employers are basically pimping us. They expect us to give maximum effort for minimum pay. Also, one could say the government is pimping us. We are taxed like crazy and see very little in return and the most fucked up part is THEY PRINT THE MONEY!!!  But at the same time if folk didn't slave over paper money, then money would have no value, so I guess is a swag. Pimps come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different ways to pimp someone and it a part of human nature. 

Also this mixtape gets me to ask why is prostitution illegal? Makes no sense because a man tricking on a woman is the easiest way to get them panties off. Some men feed their women all kinds off bullshit lies and those women are so thirsty to have a man that fits the mold of society accepts, that they will believe anything they say. Prostitution is the oldest profession and as long as men get horny, they will be willing to waste their money on these thots. 

If your a regular reader to my blog you know Im trying to get a porn site swaggin. I don't have much game when I comes to hollering at hoes, but it's ok because I can surround myself with people who can do my dirty work for me. Women are amazon, but hoes are horrible and stupid. If some nigga out there is willing to say whatever so they will fuck on camera for me, then swag swag. Be on the lookout. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



Monday, June 9, 2014

Wiz Khalifa's "28 Grams" review

Wiz comes in and drops another swagged up mixtape for all the Talyors. This may be a new sound, but its the same swag that drove him to the top and why his success will never stop. I make sure to always tune in to what he Wizzy has to say because him and Currensy are the faces of a generation of stoners with joints like Track 21- "My Nigs" prod. by ID Labs & PoShad Beats. 

I gotta be honest, at first I did not like this mixtape. This has a completely different sound from "Kush & Orange Juice" and "Taylor Allderdice". This has more of an upbeat vibe and is more tuned for the clubbers and trappers. Although I do enjoy the down south swag, its different from what your used to listening to Wiz's smooth trance educing smokers music. I enjoyed "Rolling Papers" more when I listened to it for the first time. Luckily, I didn't delete it off my memory and the more I listen to it, the more it grew on me. Nothing wrong with trying new styles and taking care of your business like on Track 20- "Handel My Biz" ft. JR Donato prod. by Metro Boomin.

Alright now, I'm about to blow my readers mind and do a switch-a-roo swag. MARIJUANA SHOULD SAY ILLEGAL!!! Now before you say "How dis pothead nigga gonna make a stupid ass statement like that?", let me explain. Thanks to Wiz efforts, he has opened a Pandora's box and people are not as stuck up about weed like they was before. More and more people see marijuana as a medicinal herb now, as oppose to chemically crafted substance. The benefits of using marijuana greatly outweigh the negatives of not using. 

Legalizing marijuana is much more than President Obama taking it off the Schedule 1 list. Say he did it today, there are plenty of people in prison for weed and all those people will have to be not only exonerated, but they have to be compensated. Also there is alot of people (including me) who have criminal record for possession and distributing. What about drug test? Employers are still gonna test people for it no matter if its legal or not. Its not like cocaine or liqueur that leaves your system in a few days, weed is there and will be there for a good lil whiles. For marijuana to be truly legal it's gonna take influential people like Wiz to keep swaggin it and change people's mindset as past generations start to fade out. 

Now to the reasons I believe it should STAY illegal. Marijuana remaining illegal is factual evidence as to how illegitimate our government is. Later down the line, future generations will look at who we currently have in office and shame them. They would rather start wars and make sure the wealthy get richer, than make common sense laws. We have two states that say fuck the feds and went on and did it anyway. I also get to thinking about the people that control the finical district. All them rich corporate niggs make no less than $100k a year and all of them be coked up everyday. They don't bitch and moan about cocaine being legal. They could care less if coke is legal or not because they got money and as long as that money rolling in, shit is a swag swag. 

I realize this review is less of a focus on the music and more on my views of marijuana, but this is my blog and I write what I want. I respect Wiz for not being scared to change his image and style. I'm currently in the process of doing the same and I want to start shooting porn. Now that I have a job I'm just saving up and learning what I have to do to get it swaggin. If you wish to help my efforts than just leave a donation at the link below. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Notorious B.I.G.'s "Laid To Rest" review

Trid Tha Kid steps in once again to drop another mixtape that will take you back in time on da swag. Many consider Biggie the best rapper of all time, and when you listen to classics like this its hard to debate. Hip hop is on an entire different range of principality these days but it's wise to stay true to what swagged everything to its current levels with joints like Track 11- "Cream (Freestyle)" ft. the Lox.

I must say I was not a Biggie fan from back in the day. It was alot of unnecessary beef between the west and east and I took sides with Death Row. As he has been deceased for some time now and I have grown I realize the genius that Big was. It really makes you wonder what would he be doing if he was still alive to this day. Its no secret why his popularity has done nothing but grown because when your real your spirit never dies like with Track 06- "Real Niggas".

There are plenty of extremely talented artist out there who are on the brink of making it big like B.I.G. Unfortunately raw talent is worth virtually nothing when it comes to making money as an artist. Yes its best to be a master at your craft, but what really counts is your connections. Biggie hooked up with Sean Combs and that is when his career blew up because Puffy has the right mindset when it comes to making money. He understands its all in how you promote and present yourself to listeners. If you don't promote yourself properly, then nobody will care to listen. Sure you will run across the eventual music junkie like me that will appreciate, but the average listener only listeners to what is on the radio or is played in the clubs. Those are the people who will care to pay for an album instead of illegally downloading it.

When it comes to me I am going to have to lay this blog to rest. Not forever but just for the indefinite time being. I'm working and making money and I just don't have the energy to listen to mixtapes all day writing reviews. All my energy is focused on getting my future porn site swaggin. Yes I wanna do porn and I want to start rapping professional, but one thing at a time. If you wish to contribute to help out then please donate otherwise just be on the wait. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Monday, May 5, 2014

Young Roddy's "Route The Ruler" review

Jets is swaggin in da building swag. Young Roddy hits the scene again with dat good shit to smoke and swag to. He really swaggs you up the ability to put yo mind in the right place as get on yo grown man grind. This rap game is filled with all kinds of bullshit and he stays too real on Track 11- "100" ft. Fiend a.k.a International Jones.

What's nice about Young Roddy is he has put in his work for years now. Watching him throughout his career has been a pleasure. He represents what is possible as long as you stay persistent and swaggin at the top of yo game. A positive role model for all the young niggas dat be swaggin. He will have your mind focused on the right things like in Track 03- "Money" ft. Smoke DZA. 

What I really like is now he doesn't rely on Curren$y as much as when he started. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy hearing their joint tracks like on Track 06- "While The Getting Good", but this mixtape proves that he doesn't need him that much. Even still, it's nice to be able to say that he came up under Spitta's wing. He is a legend and knows how to get shit smoking and Roddy has a similar smooth swag that be swaggin to tranquil jazz swag. 

Lately I have been smoking mid. I know its not the fancy smancy loud that rich niggas smoke, but it still be smoking and will leave a few dollars in yo pocket for other swags. Also, for the most part, I have given cigarettes up for good. Yes I do slip up once in a while and swag a short, but I have not purchased a pack in months. All the Jets lead a positive example because they don't even smoke blunts. I nice jernt is good enough to swag you up, so follow directions like on Track 09- "Light That Shit". 

Another reason I respect Roddy alot, because he don't try and put on an act like he is something he not. Alot of rappers rap about shit they have not done or will never do in their life. Come on now, keep shit real people. Rap about what you really represent and live for. We all out here just trying to survive and we all grind hard for what we have. We don't need niggas stealing from each other and doing each other bogus. I understand that some niggas have it ingrained in thier mind to just do whatever and be bogus and not give a fuck. Them niggas don't realize that karma is a bitch. Everything you do has a reaction, weather you realize it or not, so just stay on yo grind and continue to shine. 

I have been working hard lately because I'm trying to come up and be on my dependent myself. Tired of always having to rely on my Mom for shit. Money may be just a piece of paper, but we need that paper to survive and prosper in society. I am growing in readers and just recently passed by 10k page views. SWAG SWAG!!! If you wish to support me and help me grow a small swag donation would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



Thursday, May 1, 2014

Migos & Rich The Kid "Streets On Lock 3" review

WOOP WOOP!!! SWAG SWAG!!! Migos teams up with Rich The Kid once again to make dat magic swag. They never seem to fail to astonish my senses swag and connect the sentence swag.This being the only mixtape I have listened to for some time now, I figure I should write da swag review because DIS SHIT COLD!!! They really making it swag on Track 23- "Make It Work" ft Soulja Boy.

Like I said this is the only mixtape I been listening to. I haven't wrote a review in a good minuet because I been working alot lately. Feels good to be making money because being a #OBN (Old Broke Nigga) is a no swag dat don't be swaggin swag. Migos is da #YRN and all of the QC swaggers are talented and rich. WOOP!!! They are on they own land and can't be touch like on Track 13- "Islands" ft Ty Dolla Sign prod. by Murda.

Now let me say I have been grinding hard and I know why. Its because a nigga tired of being broke. I'm not lazy, its just before I couldn't get a job. Now I live next to a huge factory neighborhood. I have worked at plenty of them because I have agencies hooking me up. My perspective on having an anent or a manager has completely did a 360 and I now understand their importance. I don't know how much they make off me, but I do know I have worked for 3 different companies in 3 weeks. Thank God that now I have found a job that fits me well. They be hitting me up like on Track 15- "Phone Line" prod. by DJ Plugg.

I have to say that all of da Migos is raw. They all on another level way higher than any majors. I give all of them credit for keep grinding and going because now they starting to get real radio play. I want to start hearing more from Rich The Kid because he be swaggin to da swag swag. He says alot of bold statements and he really is Rich $wag and he be swaggin on Track 19- "Clientele" ft. Chinx

Another reason I'm glad I'm working because I'm finna get a girlfriend. Although I really enjoy masturbating, I don't do it as much unless drastically necessary. Can't be no broke nigga and have a woman now a days. Summer time is cumming up and nows da time for da hoes to change they boyfriend like on Track 16- "Switch A Roo" ft. PeeWay LongWay.

Also, I like dat Migos fuck with majors all the time like on Track 05- "Pack Gone Missing" ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods. Its not cheap to afford top notch features, and you know they not fake. I am somewhat confused because Drake cut them out of the "Trophies" track that is currently in heavy radio rotation. I heard it on the unofficial release of #YRN2 and Quavo is on da hook. I don't know what happens but Drake's camp bogus for cutting them out.

Lastly I have to say its so nice that all Migos mixtapes are masterpieces. These are free mixtapes and they always provide you with 25 tracks of some swag swag. If it was a studio album, you definitely would get yo monies worth. Having the MP3 is nice, but I don't understand why they don't have a website where you can purchase a hard copy. That way you cut out the distributing cost of the production and if they signed every copy they would make more money. SWAG SWAG!!! You don't need alot to swag like on Track 14- "3 Mics" ft. DJ Ray G.

Now that I'm working, I don't need to ask for donations from my loyal readers, but I will continue. I have plans to start a porn site soon and dat shit is far from cheap. Also I plan on rapping professionally, not just using other folk music without their permission and posting it on Xvideos. I even have a rap name, but I will wait till everything is ready to reveal anything. A nigga is finna step up to next levels on da swag. If you have it to give, a small donation to my paypal would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, April 11, 2014

Meek Mill's "Dreamchasers 2" review

Meek Mill's took Philly to another level with this classic. This one was the work that jolted his fame to the level that he is on now. Complete with top notch features and superior first-rate beats, it's no wonder why everybody told me to listen to this to change my perspective on Meek Mill. Please believe this change my perspective & I now have a new appreciation for his greatness with joints like Track 14- "The Ride".

I have some explaining to do as to why I choose this old mixtape to review. I started this blog about a year ago as a means to show my appreciation for all the small artist who get no recognition. I found it totally unfair how the big names get all the radio play and love. After about a month I quickly realized that people just don't care about the small names, so I started doing the big names so I can get more readers. I was doing 3 reviews a day and I wrote 150 and somebody hacked my account and deleted about 30.

This post is my 150th review again (with the exception of some I took down) and I wanted to do a Meek Mill mixtape. I wrote a very nasty review on "Dreamchasers 3" and I realized I was totally wrong for that. At the time, I was very angry because somebody had the nerve to hack my account and delete my hard work. After listening to this mixtape I know know why everybody was raving about him so much because he has a way to get thing popping like on Track 15- "Face Down" ft. Trey Songz, Wale, & Sam Sneaker.

I used to have this anti-industry attitude, but as you grow older your perspective changes. I now have a greater understanding to how everything works. I work in a factory and like any industry, everybody plays their part. That independent shit gets dead after a whiles because independent artist usually are broke. Who wants to keep working and not seeing any monetary reward for their work? A crazy person, that's who. I am crazy and have learned to control my kooky screwball ways. 

I realize its not really a review but more so an apology to Meek Mill and his camp. I may be a small blogger but I have a strong reader base. I realize the power one's word and work. I work really hard on these reviews and plan on one day to take it to the next level but for now, I'm staying in my lane. Best to focus on one thing at a time so you have a more potent grind. Like in Track 12- "Big Dreams" prod. by All Star, I have them but it takes time and coordination with unquestioned cooperation. 

If you haven't downloaded this mixtape the link is below. Also I provide this as a free service to anybody who would like their mixtape reviewed and get some free promotion. Yes I do get personal with what I write about but that is why its titled Great FRANK'S Place. My perspective and I keep shit 100, for what it's worth. If u appreciate my work then please by all means leave a donation but if not its all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.  



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vince Staples "Shyne Coldchain Vol 2" review

Tune into the smooth west coast rhymes of Vince Staples and swag to da swag. This was a wonderful mixtape to listen to due to the fact he caters to any kinda of listener with his elegant melodious sounds. All West Coast rappers have a polished uniform sleek style with champion crafted beats. He shows off his savvy on Track 10- "Earth Science".

I never heard of Vince Stapeles before this mixtape. Did a little research and he is well established and has worked with plenty of top knotch artist. I love it when I find an artist who nobody has ever hear of, then I write about em & all of a sudden, they are the talk of the town. All they needed was some love and somebody to highlight thier talents and Vince sure is talented like in Track 10- "Oh You Scared" ft. Jhene Aiko.

The other day I talked with a friend and he told me he don't fuck with West Coast rappers. I can kind of understand simply because of the demographic and how far away they are from us. That is the beauty of the internet because it allows people to link up no matter your location. Personally, I love West Coast rap because it's very rare you find somebody that's whack. They set a pretty high bar for anybody who expects to go far. Something about being in that Cali sun can really swag.

I do have to point out the inconsistency of the number of download in ratio to the number of views. I have recently been informed that there are apps people can use to up the number their downloads. At first, I was totally against forged numbers because it can seem desperate, but I then realized mixtapes are promotional pieces. Artist do not make a dime for releasing gems like this one. Nobody wants to work for free and if there is some sort of setup that could up your popularity and profits, then have at it. If it aint broke don't fix it.

Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to the music industry or any industry at that. You can be the best rapper of all time, but if nobody knows u exist, then your essentially nothing. That is why I created this blog, but I do work for free. Suck ass, I know but I'm blessed so it's all swag. I was listening to my favorite radio station earlier WFMT Classical 98.7 and like PBS they are collection donations. I'm growing in readers and if any of yall were to donate it would be a swag Swag SWAG!!! Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big K.R.I.T.'s "Week Of K.R.I.T." review

Honestly I'm totally confused if this is an official release or not from Big K.R.I.T. camp or not. It's sponsored on Datpiff and appears to be a promotional release for his upcoming album "Cadillactica". Whatever it is a download that carries the smooth southern styles of the King Remembered In Time. He captures you with his skillfully proficient rhymes that he gives on joint like Track 04- "Egyptian Cotton".

I really didn't know much about Big K.R.I.T. before I listened to this mixtape. Of course I have heard his features on other artist work but I never bothered to sit down and dive into what he was really swaggin. If I was to compare him, he reminds me of a more country version of Curren$y. His smooth jazz swag beats and adept lyrical content gets you thinking, as you can hear in Track 03- "Lac Lac" ft. AAP Ferg.

I started listening to this tape as I was waiting in line to get an emissions test. Thank the good lord I passed swag. Reason I mention this because the line was long as all hell. If it wasn't for his polished tranquil rhymes, I would have snapped. Other lines had attendant that was faster than the line I was in and its nerve rackening when you see people way behind you get their car tested before yours. This has absolutely nothing to do with K.R.I.T. other than me saying thank you for being so serene.

This was my first tape but I will be on the lookout for future works. Also I will be listening to previous works. As always I put that donation link at the bottom and if any artist wants their mixtape reviewed then hit me up on twitter @GreatFrank87 or email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kanye West's "Grad School" review

This is an unofficial release that has nothing to do with Kanye West other than him being on the tracks. I had to state that first because I myself was confused when I came across this mixtape on Datpiff. With that said DIS SHIT COLD!!! Even though these tracks are old, in my opinion its much better than anything Yeezus is putting out today. Tracks like this is what built the bricks that jolted Kanye to his fame today like Track 17- "Philly Niggas" ft. Freeway & Beans.

With all his current antics, it can be easy to forget that Kanye West is one the the top artist off all time. Most people don't know that he produced most of the beat for Roc-A-Fella and was a highly respected producer well before "College Dropout". I do kinda wish Trid Tha Kid (DJ that made this mixtape) would have put the year when each track was produced, but never the less its nice to hear the soulful Kayne like in Track 13- "Soulful" ft Khayree & Consequence.

I used to be judgmental of how Kayne, but I now realize people change over time. I know alot of his fans don't agree with his persona of Yeezus but its still him. Originally I thought he did this as a joke but its not. To me "808's & Heartbreak" was his most meaningful album because it showed that he was not scared to be himself. Also I thought his relationship with Kim K. was a publicity stunt but he really does love her and I don't blame him. Even with her extra weight she still looks better than 90% of women and she appears to be a good mother to baby North. He better hold on like on Track 14- "The Stalker Song (Never Letting Go)"

I know the chances of Kanye reading this himself is slim to none, but like in Track 02- "Apologize", I owe him one. I know it doesn't mean much but there was alot of untrue rumors going around that he is homosexual. Few months ago I went on twitter and no swagged. Rumors are nasty and nobody should listen to them, but for some reason people will believe anything they hear on the streets. Best to block all that shit out and life your life. Even if he is gay SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! It doesn't take away from his musical talents so just swag to da swag swag.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I suggest you follow @Trid_Tha_Kid on twitter because he release these kind of mixtapes all the time and I will be reviewing many more. Also please don't forget about the donation link I always swag because anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Monday, March 31, 2014

De La Soul's "Smell The Da.I.S.Y" review

Tune in to De La Soul as the show off thier masterful lyrical talents and soulfully touching beats, that set the roots for what young artist should strive to be today. This was a great listen that had me tuned into the swag. This rap trio of Posdunos, Dave, and Maseo is still going strong with joints like Track 07- "Taking The Train"

I am embarrassed to say that I don't have much knowledge when it comes to rap's origins. I was born in 1987 and that is when De La Soul first started swaggin. I choose to review this mixtape because I figure its time I start paying respects. Da.I.S.Y. stand for "Da Inner Soul of Yancy" to which I found out is a tribute to J Dilla, producer from Detroit that produced this mixtape before his death in 2006.

What I really like about this mixtape is how strong the lyrics are. I come across plenty of new artist who have strong lyrics as well but they not talking about shit. These guys really bring you into their world and its more poetic than simply spitting on a track. Also I like how they rep Detroit proudly. D-Town is the source for alot of black artist who made it big. Even though I rep Chicago, the two cities are closely intertwined and share alot of similarities.

I hope the fact that they are an older rap group doesn't stir people from listening. Wisdom only comes from living life and it's good for the mind to take in as much as possible. It says something about a group that has been able to stick together after so many years because success has a way of breaking people up. Rap now a days has been lost and my generation has alot to be ashamed of but its all swag.

I was totally thrown off by the outro when they explained the title and asked for donations. Everybody always assuming that I'm some sort of bum because I ask for donations after every review but we all need a lil money. I will donate and post thier donation link for you to support so they keep swaggin. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


De La Soul DONATE:


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Court The Cool's "Cooltrane" review

Now this is this kind of mixtape I started this blog for. I just love finding these masterfully talented artist that come out the blue and are real and true. Dude is too cool and gives the knowledge to da fools. Perfectly edited tracks with all the cameos from previous classics like when he swags that David Chappelle slap swag on Track 05- "Cold[blood]ed".

I just was browsing around Datpiff after I paid for a premium account and came across this gem. I wasn't in the mood for any crazy bangers and this had a nice smooth jazz swag as I skim swagged, so I downloaded it. Once I started listening to it I was like DAM dude got sum raw ass rhymes on da swag.  This is real hip-hop, not all dat hard ass shit you hear about gang banging and selling drugs. Real life involves taking care of your business and we don't need all dat bad swag. It takes hard work like how Court explains in Track 08- "Generation Why".

There was alot of interluded in these beats from alot of movies and shows. It was nicely placed and tied into the song proper but I do have to question if he got the proper licensing. He has the talent to do big things but you gotta be careful because if you don't get permission first, it can caused you to be sued swag later down the line. I do thank all my readers for continuing to visit my blog and reading about the mixtapes swag. Please feel free to go read them. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

J-Hood "The Sarifice EP" review

D BLOCK STAY HOT!!! J-Hood bust on da scene with some knowledge for ya to swag to. I realize this mixtape is super short with only 6 tracks but its the message to me that means more than the actual music. He gets all these youngin' out here thinking straight with Track 05- "Wake Up Niggaz"

I originally heard this mixtape when it first came out few weeks ago, but I held out on writing the review because I only do one a day now. I have tuned into whatever D-Block has released since they started. I do wish they was still doing it big and from time to time you do hear an official release, but for the most part it's just J-Hood still in the game working his fame.

He uses his high status to continually feed knowledge so new generation rappers know what this business is really about. I understand why this is titled "The Sacrifice" because of the positive message. Generally when an artist chooses to do a work that is positive, that does not generate into sales and profits. It sucks but that is why record labels only sign these fake rappers who give off this message of do whatever for a piece of paper. Like he says in the intro "We need more black public figures."

This was a short review for a short mixtape. I believe artist should keep thier mixtape under 10 tracks because the purpose of these are to promote your music or whatever message your trying to give. There are thousands of rappers out there who are all rapping about the same shit trying to make money with these long ass mixtapes. Just keep swaggin and da swag will swag you up. You  can swag me up by leaving a small donation to my Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giancarlo G's "The Raw Truth (T.R.T.)" review

Giancarlo G bust on da scene in with another mixtape. With his second tape he shows off his skill set and all I can say is swag. This mixtape stand for all the right things and it has some very nice beats and will have u listening for a very long time if you have the stamina for his long lined bars and superfluous gratuitous rhymes. He will have you swaggin on Track 04- "Bars On Bars"

I hate to have to be brutally honest but this mixtape is titled "The Raw Truth" & the truth can often hurt. The raw truth is I did not like this mixtape. I enjoyed listening to the beats but this mixtape was a fall off from his last mixtape "Brainstorming". I don't wanna appear like a hater because I read my previous review & I really enjoyed that last mixtape, but this one didn't have me swaggin.

As I read my notes I keep writing about how bad the lyrics are. The lyrical subject was nice but the delivery method completely threw me off. It sounded like everything was written and its nothing wrong with writing rhymes, but sometimes the words don't match up with the flow of the beats. This was pretty consistent throughout the mixtape. What would happen is like he started off saying something that had me swaggin but then filled up the bars with anyo word that rhymes. Then he would say something super cheesy and I was like no swag. I turned it off after 10 tracks because I couldn't stomach 9 anymore.

There was some tracks where I was like swag swag like on Track 05- "Truth" prod. by King Dahi which sounds more like a freestyle. Maybe Giancarlo should stick to that style because he sounded very poetic, but it clearly sounds different when he is reading rhymes. Just my opinion but all that matters is he keeps grinding.

This mixtape was a requested review and I believe Giancarlo G originally donated to my Paypal. That was back when I only accepted $1 donations but I changed that now because someone broke it down to me that was a no swag. I am working now but anything that is donated is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Marsha Ambrosius' "FVCK & LOVE" review

Now this is what I'm talking about on da slow swag. This is my first pure R&B mixtape and you can best believe that I will be seeking out more smooth sensual swags like this work. I get tired of listening to turned up bangers all the time and it's about time I find something that is good enough for the grown folk when the lights are off and it's time to blow. She somewhat reminds me of Jill Scoot but more raunchy with Track 04- "Come"

As I wrote this review my mother came in the room and asked me who was I listening to. I told her and she told me she heard of Marsha Ambrosius before. I never heard of her and goggled her and she was part of  the duo Floetry with Natalie Stewart. I remember them having some raw ass radio hits but I never bothers to dig deep into their works. It's time I start swaggin more swags like dis swag because dis shit is swaggin.

What I really like about this is now sexual it is but at the same time pure as hell. She got a track dedicated to busting a nutt, but she make it sound so beautiful and harmonious. I was listening to dat shit thinking of some swaggete I used to swagg and she would claim the same praises. We would swap swaf all night long on da swag swag. I wish I had a girlfriend to swag this with right now, but I don't because I'm single swag.

It may only have 5 tracks but never the less it's a swag swag. This is a nice piece that defiantly makes me want to purchase the album. I much prefer this kinda mixtape as a promotional piece rather than a mixtape with a bunch of tracks but the artist aint talking bout shit that matters. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Simple). I do this for free as a promotion for any and all artist who want their mixtape reviewed. If u got it to swag, a small donation to my Paypal would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snoop Dogg's "That's My Work 3" review

Yet again Snoop Dogg teams up with DJ Drama to show off why he is an icon in not just rap, but music history in it's totality. I will forever in life support Snoop because of his ground breaking efforts to remain real throughout his career. Through all the years and money he has made and success he has attained, Snoop has remained the same and stays true to the same roots that made him famous in the first place. He keeps it OG with joints like Track 10- "Cadillacs".

I can't fathom anybody not respecting Snoop Dogg's success. Not just his past works but his ability to keep his name relevant after about 30 years of being at the top of his game. Most big name artist wouldn't begin to think about releasing a free mixtapes, but Snoop remains humble and that is why he has always been able to tread the waters and his head above water. Also he stays true to the people he came up with like in Track 05- "Never Had It Like This" ft. Warren G & T Fly.
On a personal level, I  have looked up to Snoop as a role model since high school. He is super smooth and as I get older I find its much better to keep my cool. Life throws alot of bullshit your way and as I grow older I find that everything happens for a reason. If I fail at something, its just a lesson to regroup and try again later. Also I look up to him because how good he is with the ladies. I'm VERY bad with women and when I listen to Snoop, it's like he is in my car with me spittin all kinds of wisdom in my ear. Knowledge is key but Wisdom is what u really need.

Also I would be foul if I didn't show my respects for Snoop for his pioneership of the legalization of marijuana. No, he does not directly act on the concept, but him simply being him and continuing to thrive is more than enough to change people perception of marijuana. It may not be a big deal to people in Cali, but in Chicago there is still alot of prejudice for people like me who use it. Here, I'm perceived as a drug addict because I prefer to use herbal remedies instead of drowning my misery in alcohol or using prescription drugs that have all kinds of crazy side effects. I plan on purchasing a vaporizer soon so I can keep my lungs healthy like in Track 09- "Weed N Wax" by Soopafly.

As I grow older I will seek out more mature sounding pieces like this mixtape to review. I was looking at all my old Youtube videos and realized that everything was an overall no swag so I deleted all of them. It's not proper to use other people's music without first getting their permission plus I plan on starting a porn site and I want everything to be %100 legal and professional. If you have a few dollars to spare and don't mind donating them to help me start out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steez's "Spring Break Tape" review

I found this mixtape on the Datpiff mobile app and I listened to it because in the description Steez says he Chance The Rapper is his idol. I like Chance as well because he brings a real musical sense to rap and Steez follows in his footsteps masterfully without totally coping his style. I love finding gems like this from young talented artist that have the ability to go on smoother tracks as well can trun up like in Track 8- "Swangin'" ft. K-Trilla.

According to the description this is Steez first project and its masterfully crafted. I like the beats because they have a hippy-trippy swag mixed with some classic funk. Also he has alot of space shuttle beeps which I call video game swag. I put originality over everything because its hard to create your own sound and find others that are willing to respect authenticity. Nothing wrong with respecting your favorite idols but sometimes artist can copy someone style so much without realizing it. In Track 1- "FuN" ft KD he talks some real talk that anybody can match with.

One more reason I liked this so much because I'm 26 & someone called me an O.G. earlier. I'm getting older and I now understand why my mother doesn't like when I'm playing Migos or Lil B because that music is not for the older crowd. I'm starting to enjoy listening to the slow swag more because life has alot of bullshit thrown at you and at the end of the day its nice to listen to something to unwind to and this mixtape will be in my library for a good minuet and I will be on the lookout for plenty more from Steez.

Another reason I listened to this because it only has 9 quality tracks. I know it's messed up that I factor in how many tracks there are to decide if I do a review, but I listen to way too many mixtapes & alot of artist will have 20 tracks and its not necessary.  It's best to keep it short and leave a positive impression on those who listen so they spread the word. Also Steez doesn't have a bunch of fake number like so many artist. I lose all respect for the artist who pay for fake downloads just so they look like they big time.

Since I started this blog I have realized that making good music has noting to do with making good money. So many talented artist think that all you do is put out a masterpiece and Ta-Da, your a millionaire. Music is an industry which involves revenue sharing. I should charge for these reviews because its free promotion but I don't do this for money. I love music and I show my support with this blog. I ask for donations and anything that is given is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, March 14, 2014

Lil Herb "Welcome To Fazoland" review

CHIRAQ STAND UP ON DA SWAG SWAG BECAUSE LIL HERB GOT DA CITY ON HIS BACK SWAG! SWAG SWAG!!! Lil Herb defiantly gives that street shit for all da street niggs. Drill is only for da real & if u not about it den you might get killed. He really paints a proper picture of what goes on in dis city and he spitts about it on Track 6- "On The Corner" ft Lil Durk & KD Young Cocky.

It feels nice to get back to listening to sum pure Chicago rap. I sometimes get lost & confused about what city I represent. I listen to way too much Migos & its nothing wrong with that but they from Atlanta. Atlanta already has plenty of top name artist in regular radio rotation and I hate how all the artist from Chicago are ignored because we too real for the main stream. What Lil Herb is rapping about is real life & everyday shit & most people can't stomach the truth. Well if you cant take it then get out the way because its cumming to ya face.

I actually listened to this mixtape about a week ago but I have been working full time lately getting paid on da swag swag. I was surprised to see that he now has 155k downloads on Datpiff. To be honest I am skeptical of those numbers because only 110 have streamed it. There are plenty of services someone can purchase that will up your numbers and it's not real. Nothing wrong with paying someone to promote you, but I feel like it defeats the purpose to pay for someone to use an app that switches up the IP address & continually download the mixtape. Whats the point of someone downloading in and they not actually listening? Lil Herb is very good & he doesn't need any of that swag. I was at work and somebody else was listening to it at lunch after I already listened to it & realized I forgot to write the review.

I have never heard of Lil Herb before this mixtape and original the only reason I listened is because it's hosted by Don Cannon. I don't know what Don charges to have a mixtape hosted by him but whatever it is it's WELL worth it. Anything he puts out is an instant classic. There is about 3 producers that have this status: Don Cannon, DJ Drama, & DJ Holiday. All the beats be swaggin sum major swag swag. As I was listening I found it difficult to listen to what Herb had to say because these beats are on top of anything. I had to listen to the mixtape about 3 times to really grasp everything that Lil Herb had to offer on da swag swag.

I googled  Lil Herb & came across a reoprt on him from I will put the link below. It sucks I have never heard of him before because now he got a buzz fame and probably charges for his time. I would love to swag with him sometime on da rap swag because he is raw as hell. Drill rap is now control of the streets & everybody is talking about it. I watched Chicago Tonight & they did a report on Drill because it's legit and true to this city. This perfectly represents the struggle that all us Chiraq Cats gotta swag to eat. It's nothing to us and just another day like Track 10- "Another Day" ft King Louie.

Originally I listened to this mixtape high. I been smoking reggie lately because times is hard as hell and I can't afford the luxury of loud. Reggie is ok from time to time because it still is weed gets you high. My medication to stay above all the bullshit that life presents. Alternator done died & I gotta replace it later on da no swag. Sucks because I worked 40 hours last week & my check was only $250 & I gotta pay about $150 for dis alternator. Dam. I would love to swag with Lil Herb but I gotta pay him first so if u read this review & appreciate me den gon head & leave a couple of dollars in my Paypal account. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.