Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fashawn & Alchemist's "FASH-ionably Late" review

Here goes a nice hip hop lyricist that has been doing his thing for some time. He had me swagging, and I had all kinds of fun listening. It may only be 7 tracks, but it's nothing wrong with this. This mixtape offers a variety of different genres sounding swag, and you will will his pain in Track 07- "Never Waiting In Vain".

It's nice to hear a new production from Alchemist. He has been producing strong for some time now and has always worked with top quality artist like 36 Mafia and what not. I never heard of Fashawn before, but he is legit with his proficiently versed messages. He goes strong on a nice jazz swag on Track 09- "Songs In F Major".

I read the comments and somebody posted "More Negro Raps". I totally disagree because this is a well crafted work. This is more so the quality rap that started hip hop from its roots. Also somebody had the nerve to say "Only 7 Tracks". I come across way too many mixtapes that have too many tracks. I have listened to this 3 times today, and every time it sounds nicer. These are mixtapes and nobody is paying to listen. 7-10 Tracks is all anybody needs to show your talents. Anything after that is a waste of my time, and starts to get stale. This work stays fresh from begging to end and you will stay entranced when you hear Track 04- "Amen"

Fashawn has other mixtape and I suggest you go listen, and stay in tuned for future releases. He now has a new fan, and I hope he follows me back on twitter, He is verified and I can't wait until I get my blue check. Everything takes time, so I will continue to swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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