Monday, April 20, 2015

Curren$y's "Pilot Talk 3" review

Here goes another masterpiece from the main jet setter for ya ears to overdose on. Spitta never fails to please on this holiday of 4\20.  He will always have you swaggin and sliding when you gliding and flying. He really spits some nice and correct truth on Track 07- "560 SL" ft Wiz Khalifa.

Now let me say, I have read some other reviews on other sites, and they just being bogus. This is a glorious work and should be respected as one. When you listen to a work from Spitta you are given some straight pure clean cut dope on da track. There is never a chance that any of his work would be whack. All you gotta do is tune in and sit back, like in Track 08- "Audio Dope 5".

I must say, I was under the impression that this was going to be sold in stores, but it's all swag. I much prefer to have some kind of hard copy weather it be vinyl or compact disc. That way if I met him one day, he could sign it for me. Is all good because you can go to his website and purchase all kinds of rare collectables. I will post the link, and trust me you will want to purchase some before it sells out. How could you not want it after listening to Track 14- " Lemonade Mimosas"

This is the first album I have written a review. Only reason because this was a free release. Plus its Spitta, and I'm always willing to show some love. A lot of crazy stuff has been happening to me lately and folk been real disrrespecful. I know as long as I keep some Spitta playing, I always keep my cool. No need to be fighing others over nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Yo Gotti's "Concelaed" review

Yo Gotti and Dj Drama comes in yet again with another top notch swagged up mixtape for all the real street kings to ride to.  He is one of the most acomplised rap artist of my time and continues to put out masterpieces like this one. He keeps everything real on all his tracks, and you will hear on Track 05 - "Real Rap" ft. Jadakiss; prod. The Young Starz.

What I really like about Gotta is how he is able to get his professional swag and street swag going at the same time. You always hearing him on the radio with some hot bangers, and some how he continues to please the streets with great works like this one. He really gone you some knowledge and you better pay attention to Track 08 "Oooh" ft. Rich Home Quan & Snootie Wild; prod. Hung Shun.

I wrote a review of on one of Gotti's last mixtape, and I remember how raw it was. I was tripping when I said he is not that lyrical. He can really go in on a beat, and say some truth that will make you think. You will know what I mean when you hear Track 01- "Concealed" prod. Nintendo 85.

What I really like about Gotti is he always willing to work with any artist. He don't be hating on da migo like how Snoop Dogg be hating. He say something bad about them, and all of a sudden nobody Swagging with them. Just hear Track 09- "Gold Medal" ft. PeeWee LongWay; prod. Big Fruit.

Like I always say I am willing to listen to any artist mixtape and write a review. Unfortuanly somebody snitched to the Datpiff officials, and they blocked my ability to write comments. Its all good because there are plenty of other mixtape sites. I'm now using LiveMixtapes and so should too. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Street Wiz's "AMF 2" review

Here comes a nice smooth and cerebral swag for all the Jet Life fans to vibe to. Really this is a mixtape that anybody can chill out to as you get lifted. There is no hyped up trap beats on here, just some real nice tracks to cosat to in the whip likewith Track 08- "My Zone" ft. Young Roddy.

I first listened to this mixtape months ago when it first came out. It has stayed in my library for some time now because this is a just a great listen. I now have more free time, so I made sure to show my respects. Street Wiz is pretty consistent on every track and you will hear on Track 13- "Rhyme pattern" ft. Trademark da Skydiver.

I do have to say although I really enjoyed this work, I was more enomored by the beats, more so than what Street Wiz had to say. Nothing wrong with that, its just that after so many tracks the lyrics become repetive and generic. There should be more features because he is already a Jet Lifer. Its all swag though because I really enjoyed and I will be on the lookout for more like Track 03- "Keep it comin'".

I'm always willing to listen to any artist mixtape. An estiblased blogger like me has the ability to showcase your music to hundreds of new listeners. Email me at, also please join my clan 'Swagin Swaggers'. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.