Monday, December 9, 2019

Juice WRLD's Review

It's super sad to say, we lost one of Chicago's biggest artist yesterday. Juice WRLD'S government name was Jarad Higgins. He originated from my city, and raised his profile to the highest possible degree. He passed away way to early at 21, but left behind a musical library that will play on forever. This is a reality check for the entire culture to take a rest. Pace yourself, chill out occasionally, then get twisted like in "Wasted" ft Lil Uzi Vert.

I'm listening to all his tracks on Soundcloud. He was a musical genius who captured your spiritual source and entrance your emotions. It's no surprise he made it to the top. Most of his tracks follow the similar theme of partying hard, and pain of the heart. Not all tracks had a sad vibe, there are plenty of money making club bangers like "Let's Get It" prod. Sidepce.

Unfortunate is the least anybody can say to describe his short stint as a top level artist. Everybody around him felt an everlasting attachment. He is proof of what can happen when you put in quality work to thrive. Also he is proof of what happens when you don't party responsibly. You must have an off switch, so you return from your trip. Please don't slip like in "rich and blind :(".

Everybody heard his chart topping billboard track "Lucid Dream", but after listening to his library you will agree all of his releases met or exceeded the quality of that song. Alot of people in the industry don't respect Soundcloud rappers, but artist like Juice WRLD paved the new path necessary to take to be great. Follow in his footsteps and you will attain success. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.