Monday, November 30, 2015

Fabolous' "Summertime Shootout" review

Awe Hell Yeah!!! Ya boi Fabolous came out with another strong storytelling mixtape for yall to enjoy. This is a featured work that goes good from beginning to end. Really it sounds like a movie soundtrack, and you will miss out if you don't put the time aside to hear the entire piece. I was really taken in by this work, and you will also when you hear Track 12- "Summertime Sadness" ft Dave East; prod. King James Beatz, Land Keyz, & Jre Day.

I couldn't wait to listen to this when I first saw it. The album art is really great, and it got my attention quick. So many artist don't realize how important it is to have a creatively decorative art. Having a pic of your face is not enough to get most people attention. After you hear this entire mixtape, you will see that nothing is imagined or lacking. Just gone and download it and hear Track 02 "Real One" ft. Jazzy; prod. Automatik.

I have been a fan of Fabolous for years now. I love all the New York all stars, because all of them are master lyricist and distinguished gentlemen. I would love to go there one day, and dab with all of the top level swagsters. Everything will swag in due time and as long everybody tell everyone about this blog like in Track 04- "Tell Ya Friends" ft. The Weeknd.

Really what would be the best would be if I settled down with a cool ass female. It is a struggle trying to find someone that is worth your time. There are so many people out here that's not about anything real. They just wanna spend yo time and money, not trying to give back. It's all good because girls like that are good for only one thing like in Track 07- "Vanilla" ft. Rich Homie Quan; prod. Sonaro.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Khaotic's "#BOOLA" review

Woo WOO WOOOOOOOOOO! Ya boi Khaotic's is macking and packing with dis one. DIS DID COLD!!! This guy really goes in on each the way of life, and he know what is really swaggin all  kinda ways. It's all good and you will agree when you hear Track 05- "Both Ways".

I found this mixtape on one of my random download sprees. I'm glad I found dis, because dis is a gem from beggining to end. He keeps it real on every track, and nothing is whack. I love how he keep it real like in Track 15- " Too Busy".

What I really like is that this is not some whack mixtape. This is professionally mixed and properly produced. I don't like bogus mixtapes that don't take the time to get it right. He sometimes used auto tunes, but it's all swag. If you like T Pain, den u will love Khaotic's work. You will know it's real when you hear Track 12- " Taste Buds" .

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Puff Daddy's "MMM" review

ALL HEALLL YEAHHH!!! One of the highest earners in da game, released a raw ass free mixtape with no shame. Hell yeah! Nothing like a top notch, premiere selling, hall of fame artist putting out something to flame up da streets. Not many platinum selling artist, that knows how to please da streets. Plus he is a predestine corporate business entrepreneur. You know he telling da truth in Track 05- "Auction" ft. Lil Kim, Styles P, & King Los.

Sean Combs has done so much over the years, it is hard to fathom how someone could reach so high. That's what happens when your a natural born hustler and grind everyday. He is a perfect role model for all the young niggards out there. I'm not gonna go into a deep breakdown of everything he did, this is just a simple mixtape review. Just google him and you will see he been grinding like in Track 08- "Working" ft. Big Sean, Travis Scott.

MMM is an anagram for "Money Making Mitch". That is a perfect title for anybody who knows how hard it is to come up and stay above all da bullshit. It's best to just find you someone special and stay cool with. It's too many no swagger out here trying to hault your hustle, but as long as you stay true to your word anything will swag like in Track 10- "You Could Be My Lover" ft. TY Dolla $ign, Gizzle.

Like I always say, if anybody wishes to get in contact with me just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I have been real busy working a different swag, so I wont be blogging as much for a lil whiles. If anybody wishes to have one free review just add me and I will hear you out. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ruffio's "Luv Ruffio" review

Alright now, it's time for yall to sit back and relax to the true hood sounds of Ruffio. I randomly downloaded this mixtape on one of my download sprees, and I'm glad I did because he is very talented. Nothing too special about this, except that he brings it on every track. He is a romantic that knows how to treat a lady, and you will agree when you hear Track 03- "Dats Bae".

Let me say, don't bother listen to this if your looking for some lovie dovie R&B mixtape. He keeps it street on every track, and brings you into a world of heavy hustling and thug loving. I can respect it, and I respect anybody who glamorizes relationships. There is too much in the world that is trying to take you out the game, that's why it's special when you find that other person that you can grow with like in Track 06- "Power Couple".

This mixtape has been in my library for some time now, and I refused to delete it. Something about this attracted me, and once I started listening I know why. Although I'm not a fan of someone who uses autotunes, I was able to look past all of that and foucs on his overall message. We all looking for someone that is that one match. It can really suck at time,s because you might find someone that catches your eye, but they are not on the same page as you. They don't view you the same as you view them. It's alright, because over time hopefully they change and are willing to see and appreciate how much you truly care for them, and Ruffio explains it perfectly in Track 08- "What I Like". 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Vado's "Slime Flu 5" review

HARLEM STAND UP!!! Ya boi Vado came in strapping and macking. He always coming big time with his works, and he doing major numbers with every release. He is one of New York's golden boys, and has been doing his thing since he was working with Dipset. I always try to tune in to his works ever since I heard "Slime Flu 2", and you will be trapped by him when you hear Track 09- "Stay In Touch" prod. Automatiks.

Me living in the Chicago area, it's somewhat difficult to really comprehend how big Vado is. He is not played on the radio here, nor does anybody play him at any parties. Harlem set the world on fire in the early 2000's. Since then they have cooled down world wide, but it appears that they are as hot as ever in the New York area. There is more than enough people living in all the boroughs for anybody to stay getting rich, and he tells you about it on Track 08- "Gold Bricks" ft. Jadakiss, Narley Jenkins; prod. Red Chief. 

Today was a pretty gloomy day, and when it's like this I don't have patience for regular rap. I always turn to New York rappers because they are famous for their magnificent punchlines and inspirational lyricism. I can only imagine how depressing living in a area where you reside on top of one another. The majority of people are bullshitters, who's word isn't worth a dam dime. There is more than your fair share of them here, and New York has 5 times population of Chicago, so that means 5 times more bullshit. O NO! It's alright just keep your head up and he makes it easier when you hear Track 10- "Da Jux" ft AZ; prod. Dolla Bill Kidz. 

I don't travel much, but I would really like to. I can't wait until I can dab with the New York swaggers one day. If anybody wishes to connect with me just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I'm willing to work with anybody, as long as they keep everything 100 and respectful at all time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Famous Dex's "Dexter's Laboratory" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!! ya boi Dex comes in dabbing and macking on dis mixtape. He has been going hard for the last few month, and he done swagged up to some next level swag. SWAG!!! Y'all know what I'm talking about. He comes out with a new Track every week,  and when he teams up with Laka Films they provide alot of magical fleek. You will agree when you hear Track 07- "Turning Up" prod. QMonsta.

Now I'm about to say something that will set off a storm. Famous Dex is currently the biggest Chicago rapper in da game. Before you disagree, let me testify why I believe that. First off, he gets alot of hate in the Chicago area. I was at a party not to long ago, and they started playing Dex. Of course there was that one dude that was hating and turned it off. Dex is RAW and y'all know when you hear Track 03- "Swagg" prod. Calibaset.

Also, I believe Dex is amazing in his videos. He knows how to turn up at any point, and he will have you shaking and baking in no time. What I exceptional enjoyed is how there is nothing too special about them, it's just dudes doing dabs to da tracks. It's sad he isn't played not of the radio, but it's alright because he growing and showing with Track 04- "Hoes Mad" prod. OJ.

Now I do have to point, the audio quality of this mixtape is miserably lacking. I'm serious, this sounds very bad. I'm not trying to dis him, I'm just stating facts. I remember it sounded like this on his last mixtape I wrote a review for "Never Seen It Coming". It sounds like everything was mixed on a smart phone app. It's OK to do that for a video, but tracks have to be professionally mastered and mixed by a studio engineer. It can be costly, but if you learn how to swag it, is all swag. Trust me I know, because I used to have some of the worst sounding videos on YouTube. Now I am a professional video editor, and I know you gotta fix it twice like in Track 01- "2 Times" prod. Kronic Beats.

Like I always say, if anyone out there wishes to have a review, just ask me on Snapchat greatfrank87. That's where I be now, because I deleted all my other accounts. I don't post pics, but trust me it's me. If you trying to link up is nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Skippa Da Flippa's "Still Havin" review

Ya boi Skippa came in too stong with this mixtape. I remember writing a review for "I'm Havin", one of his last mixtapes that was amazing. He did his thing again, and will have yo head bobbin and throat throbbing. It's all hood when Skippa in town, because he gonna make you get down with Track 17- "Who Fresher Than Me" prod. Nas Moore.

What's really nice about Skippa, he always keep everything 100. He is straight up with every track. He is the original dabber dat got it all swaggin. Now everybody is dabbing to da swag. It's all good when you sit back and relax. He just keeps coming when you hear Track 05- "Snakes" prod. Traumatone.

I personally believe that Skippa is a top notch artist. Alot of people don't like his style, because it is simple repetitive hooks with basic lyricism.  It's all swag tho, because he dab some proper verses. He always connecting, it's nothing when you be flexing. He make some good music to turn up to and stay motivated throughout the day. You really gonna tune to what he got hosting in Track 13- "Ambitions As A Dealer".

I really like Skippa and would like to see him in show sometime. He really know how to turn up, and he is by far one of my favorite rappers. If anybody wishes to have a review on my blog, or if you just wanna connect with me add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Also feel free to email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Scotty ATL's "The Cooligan" review

Alright now, ya boy Scotty came in too strong and too long with this mixtape. This is my first time listening to his work, but I can validate that this is premiere and you will want to hear. You should just download and have no fear, like in Track 13 "Out Of My Mind" prod. DJ Burn One & The Five Points Bakery.

I just came across this mixtape on one of my download sprees. It has been in my library for a good minuet, and now is a good time for him to shine. There are alot of tracks, and you really got swag to stay attentive. It's alright though, because he is a future boss with tracks like Track 15- "Running Thru My Mind" prod. Big A.

After listening to this anybody can tell that this guy is a standout. I really like the title, because there are alot of definitions to being a Cooligan. My ideations is, we all just gotta stay true to da swag and keep growing. We all make mistakes, but part of growing old is learning how to fix your mistakes and never do it again. You will know what I mean after you hear Track 09- Neva Switch Up" prod. KE On The Track.

I can't lie, there are some duds on here. They could have been omitted. This mixtape was pretty lengthy, and I was ready for it to end half way trough. It's all good though, because I am professional. Most people would get annoyed with so many tracks, buy it's all swag. Hmu on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DJ Slim K's "Nice & Slow 51(Sexual Remedy)" review

Alright now, it's time for me to switch up, and get to a much more sensual swag. Dis mixtape is for all the lovers and cuddlers. If your lucky enough to have a special person to call your own, then put this on after you turn off the lights. I hope you clean your sheets, because after listening to dis your guaranteed to skeet. Just slip and slide swag like in Track 12- "Exchange" by Bryson Tiller.

I'm going to be 100 and let y'all know, I do not like chopped and screwed music. I'm not from Texas and I don't drink Lean, so it doesn't appeal to me. It's alright if the Track was originally made that way and released in that fashion, but I find it annoying hearing remixes of popular tracks. I feel different about this mixtape, because it was obviously made for some late night activity. You can really get things swinging and creaming with Track 11- "Sexual Remedy" by Rahzil.

Don't get this confused, this mixtape is strictly for love making. This is not for a one time hookup, or you having a random booty call with some hoe you don't care about. This is for a committed couple that is trying to build a life together. This is for mature adults who know how to please other, no matter how long it takes. Love is a tricky topic to discuss, because we all have different definitions. Some people are willing to accept that its alright to be in love with more than one person. Just keep everything honest and it will all swag like in Track 18- "The Need To Know" by Wale ft. SZA.

I'm still single and things can get real lonely at times. What really sucks is when I find someone I really like, either they already in a relationship and don't wanna be bothered, or they just flat out don't like me. Then I come across a the occasional female that likes me, but she not my type and I have no motivation to make something happen. It can be depressing, but life is still good goes on. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Monday, November 2, 2015

OJ Da Juiceman "6 Ringz 3" review

Awe HELL YEAH!!! Ya boi Juiceman came in too hard with dis hot new mixtape. He really paid omish to da old Chicago Bulls team, dat was dominating back in da day. A was amazed with all da hot tracks dat intertwined into their swag. He really highlighted their greatness with Track 11- "Dennis Rodman" prod. Sonny Digital.

It's amazing how hard OJ is willing to work. He constantly keep getting better and making more money. You gotta keep working to come up on some levels. Even if you don't feel like doing it, it's best to just suck it up and get it done. You gotta do dat to get on Jordan level and get rings like in Track 09- "Phil Jackson" prod. Metro Booming.

What most folk don't realize, is anyone can be great. Only issue is not everyone is willing to do what it takes, to swag up and take over. You gotta be willing to turn up at any time, and get on yo grind. Over time it becomes a habit, and life doesn't feel right if you not hustling. You just gotta hold dat ball and score like in Track 06- "Fool Wit Dat Rock" prod. Frank Castro.

Like I always say if anyone wants to contact me just hit me up on Snapchat greatfrank87. I'm always willing to do one free review for any artist. I have done a bunch of mixtapes for OJ, but that's because he is one of the original rapper that made trapping popular. I give respect to a legend. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.