Monday, March 31, 2014

De La Soul's "Smell The Da.I.S.Y" review

Tune in to De La Soul as the show off thier masterful lyrical talents and soulfully touching beats, that set the roots for what young artist should strive to be today. This was a great listen that had me tuned into the swag. This rap trio of Posdunos, Dave, and Maseo is still going strong with joints like Track 07- "Taking The Train"

I am embarrassed to say that I don't have much knowledge when it comes to rap's origins. I was born in 1987 and that is when De La Soul first started swaggin. I choose to review this mixtape because I figure its time I start paying respects. Da.I.S.Y. stand for "Da Inner Soul of Yancy" to which I found out is a tribute to J Dilla, producer from Detroit that produced this mixtape before his death in 2006.

What I really like about this mixtape is how strong the lyrics are. I come across plenty of new artist who have strong lyrics as well but they not talking about shit. These guys really bring you into their world and its more poetic than simply spitting on a track. Also I like how they rep Detroit proudly. D-Town is the source for alot of black artist who made it big. Even though I rep Chicago, the two cities are closely intertwined and share alot of similarities.

I hope the fact that they are an older rap group doesn't stir people from listening. Wisdom only comes from living life and it's good for the mind to take in as much as possible. It says something about a group that has been able to stick together after so many years because success has a way of breaking people up. Rap now a days has been lost and my generation has alot to be ashamed of but its all swag.

I was totally thrown off by the outro when they explained the title and asked for donations. Everybody always assuming that I'm some sort of bum because I ask for donations after every review but we all need a lil money. I will donate and post thier donation link for you to support so they keep swaggin. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Court The Cool's "Cooltrane" review

Now this is this kind of mixtape I started this blog for. I just love finding these masterfully talented artist that come out the blue and are real and true. Dude is too cool and gives the knowledge to da fools. Perfectly edited tracks with all the cameos from previous classics like when he swags that David Chappelle slap swag on Track 05- "Cold[blood]ed".

I just was browsing around Datpiff after I paid for a premium account and came across this gem. I wasn't in the mood for any crazy bangers and this had a nice smooth jazz swag as I skim swagged, so I downloaded it. Once I started listening to it I was like DAM dude got sum raw ass rhymes on da swag.  This is real hip-hop, not all dat hard ass shit you hear about gang banging and selling drugs. Real life involves taking care of your business and we don't need all dat bad swag. It takes hard work like how Court explains in Track 08- "Generation Why".

There was alot of interluded in these beats from alot of movies and shows. It was nicely placed and tied into the song proper but I do have to question if he got the proper licensing. He has the talent to do big things but you gotta be careful because if you don't get permission first, it can caused you to be sued swag later down the line. I do thank all my readers for continuing to visit my blog and reading about the mixtapes swag. Please feel free to go read them. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

J-Hood "The Sarifice EP" review

D BLOCK STAY HOT!!! J-Hood bust on da scene with some knowledge for ya to swag to. I realize this mixtape is super short with only 6 tracks but its the message to me that means more than the actual music. He gets all these youngin' out here thinking straight with Track 05- "Wake Up Niggaz"

I originally heard this mixtape when it first came out few weeks ago, but I held out on writing the review because I only do one a day now. I have tuned into whatever D-Block has released since they started. I do wish they was still doing it big and from time to time you do hear an official release, but for the most part it's just J-Hood still in the game working his fame.

He uses his high status to continually feed knowledge so new generation rappers know what this business is really about. I understand why this is titled "The Sacrifice" because of the positive message. Generally when an artist chooses to do a work that is positive, that does not generate into sales and profits. It sucks but that is why record labels only sign these fake rappers who give off this message of do whatever for a piece of paper. Like he says in the intro "We need more black public figures."

This was a short review for a short mixtape. I believe artist should keep thier mixtape under 10 tracks because the purpose of these are to promote your music or whatever message your trying to give. There are thousands of rappers out there who are all rapping about the same shit trying to make money with these long ass mixtapes. Just keep swaggin and da swag will swag you up. You  can swag me up by leaving a small donation to my Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giancarlo G's "The Raw Truth (T.R.T.)" review

Giancarlo G bust on da scene in with another mixtape. With his second tape he shows off his skill set and all I can say is swag. This mixtape stand for all the right things and it has some very nice beats and will have u listening for a very long time if you have the stamina for his long lined bars and superfluous gratuitous rhymes. He will have you swaggin on Track 04- "Bars On Bars"

I hate to have to be brutally honest but this mixtape is titled "The Raw Truth" & the truth can often hurt. The raw truth is I did not like this mixtape. I enjoyed listening to the beats but this mixtape was a fall off from his last mixtape "Brainstorming". I don't wanna appear like a hater because I read my previous review & I really enjoyed that last mixtape, but this one didn't have me swaggin.

As I read my notes I keep writing about how bad the lyrics are. The lyrical subject was nice but the delivery method completely threw me off. It sounded like everything was written and its nothing wrong with writing rhymes, but sometimes the words don't match up with the flow of the beats. This was pretty consistent throughout the mixtape. What would happen is like he started off saying something that had me swaggin but then filled up the bars with anyo word that rhymes. Then he would say something super cheesy and I was like no swag. I turned it off after 10 tracks because I couldn't stomach 9 anymore.

There was some tracks where I was like swag swag like on Track 05- "Truth" prod. by King Dahi which sounds more like a freestyle. Maybe Giancarlo should stick to that style because he sounded very poetic, but it clearly sounds different when he is reading rhymes. Just my opinion but all that matters is he keeps grinding.

This mixtape was a requested review and I believe Giancarlo G originally donated to my Paypal. That was back when I only accepted $1 donations but I changed that now because someone broke it down to me that was a no swag. I am working now but anything that is donated is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Marsha Ambrosius' "FVCK & LOVE" review

Now this is what I'm talking about on da slow swag. This is my first pure R&B mixtape and you can best believe that I will be seeking out more smooth sensual swags like this work. I get tired of listening to turned up bangers all the time and it's about time I find something that is good enough for the grown folk when the lights are off and it's time to blow. She somewhat reminds me of Jill Scoot but more raunchy with Track 04- "Come"

As I wrote this review my mother came in the room and asked me who was I listening to. I told her and she told me she heard of Marsha Ambrosius before. I never heard of her and goggled her and she was part of  the duo Floetry with Natalie Stewart. I remember them having some raw ass radio hits but I never bothers to dig deep into their works. It's time I start swaggin more swags like dis swag because dis shit is swaggin.

What I really like about this is now sexual it is but at the same time pure as hell. She got a track dedicated to busting a nutt, but she make it sound so beautiful and harmonious. I was listening to dat shit thinking of some swaggete I used to swagg and she would claim the same praises. We would swap swaf all night long on da swag swag. I wish I had a girlfriend to swag this with right now, but I don't because I'm single swag.

It may only have 5 tracks but never the less it's a swag swag. This is a nice piece that defiantly makes me want to purchase the album. I much prefer this kinda mixtape as a promotional piece rather than a mixtape with a bunch of tracks but the artist aint talking bout shit that matters. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Simple). I do this for free as a promotion for any and all artist who want their mixtape reviewed. If u got it to swag, a small donation to my Paypal would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snoop Dogg's "That's My Work 3" review

Yet again Snoop Dogg teams up with DJ Drama to show off why he is an icon in not just rap, but music history in it's totality. I will forever in life support Snoop because of his ground breaking efforts to remain real throughout his career. Through all the years and money he has made and success he has attained, Snoop has remained the same and stays true to the same roots that made him famous in the first place. He keeps it OG with joints like Track 10- "Cadillacs".

I can't fathom anybody not respecting Snoop Dogg's success. Not just his past works but his ability to keep his name relevant after about 30 years of being at the top of his game. Most big name artist wouldn't begin to think about releasing a free mixtapes, but Snoop remains humble and that is why he has always been able to tread the waters and his head above water. Also he stays true to the people he came up with like in Track 05- "Never Had It Like This" ft. Warren G & T Fly.
On a personal level, I  have looked up to Snoop as a role model since high school. He is super smooth and as I get older I find its much better to keep my cool. Life throws alot of bullshit your way and as I grow older I find that everything happens for a reason. If I fail at something, its just a lesson to regroup and try again later. Also I look up to him because how good he is with the ladies. I'm VERY bad with women and when I listen to Snoop, it's like he is in my car with me spittin all kinds of wisdom in my ear. Knowledge is key but Wisdom is what u really need.

Also I would be foul if I didn't show my respects for Snoop for his pioneership of the legalization of marijuana. No, he does not directly act on the concept, but him simply being him and continuing to thrive is more than enough to change people perception of marijuana. It may not be a big deal to people in Cali, but in Chicago there is still alot of prejudice for people like me who use it. Here, I'm perceived as a drug addict because I prefer to use herbal remedies instead of drowning my misery in alcohol or using prescription drugs that have all kinds of crazy side effects. I plan on purchasing a vaporizer soon so I can keep my lungs healthy like in Track 09- "Weed N Wax" by Soopafly.

As I grow older I will seek out more mature sounding pieces like this mixtape to review. I was looking at all my old Youtube videos and realized that everything was an overall no swag so I deleted all of them. It's not proper to use other people's music without first getting their permission plus I plan on starting a porn site and I want everything to be %100 legal and professional. If you have a few dollars to spare and don't mind donating them to help me start out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steez's "Spring Break Tape" review

I found this mixtape on the Datpiff mobile app and I listened to it because in the description Steez says he Chance The Rapper is his idol. I like Chance as well because he brings a real musical sense to rap and Steez follows in his footsteps masterfully without totally coping his style. I love finding gems like this from young talented artist that have the ability to go on smoother tracks as well can trun up like in Track 8- "Swangin'" ft. K-Trilla.

According to the description this is Steez first project and its masterfully crafted. I like the beats because they have a hippy-trippy swag mixed with some classic funk. Also he has alot of space shuttle beeps which I call video game swag. I put originality over everything because its hard to create your own sound and find others that are willing to respect authenticity. Nothing wrong with respecting your favorite idols but sometimes artist can copy someone style so much without realizing it. In Track 1- "FuN" ft KD he talks some real talk that anybody can match with.

One more reason I liked this so much because I'm 26 & someone called me an O.G. earlier. I'm getting older and I now understand why my mother doesn't like when I'm playing Migos or Lil B because that music is not for the older crowd. I'm starting to enjoy listening to the slow swag more because life has alot of bullshit thrown at you and at the end of the day its nice to listen to something to unwind to and this mixtape will be in my library for a good minuet and I will be on the lookout for plenty more from Steez.

Another reason I listened to this because it only has 9 quality tracks. I know it's messed up that I factor in how many tracks there are to decide if I do a review, but I listen to way too many mixtapes & alot of artist will have 20 tracks and its not necessary.  It's best to keep it short and leave a positive impression on those who listen so they spread the word. Also Steez doesn't have a bunch of fake number like so many artist. I lose all respect for the artist who pay for fake downloads just so they look like they big time.

Since I started this blog I have realized that making good music has noting to do with making good money. So many talented artist think that all you do is put out a masterpiece and Ta-Da, your a millionaire. Music is an industry which involves revenue sharing. I should charge for these reviews because its free promotion but I don't do this for money. I love music and I show my support with this blog. I ask for donations and anything that is given is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, March 14, 2014

Lil Herb "Welcome To Fazoland" review

CHIRAQ STAND UP ON DA SWAG SWAG BECAUSE LIL HERB GOT DA CITY ON HIS BACK SWAG! SWAG SWAG!!! Lil Herb defiantly gives that street shit for all da street niggs. Drill is only for da real & if u not about it den you might get killed. He really paints a proper picture of what goes on in dis city and he spitts about it on Track 6- "On The Corner" ft Lil Durk & KD Young Cocky.

It feels nice to get back to listening to sum pure Chicago rap. I sometimes get lost & confused about what city I represent. I listen to way too much Migos & its nothing wrong with that but they from Atlanta. Atlanta already has plenty of top name artist in regular radio rotation and I hate how all the artist from Chicago are ignored because we too real for the main stream. What Lil Herb is rapping about is real life & everyday shit & most people can't stomach the truth. Well if you cant take it then get out the way because its cumming to ya face.

I actually listened to this mixtape about a week ago but I have been working full time lately getting paid on da swag swag. I was surprised to see that he now has 155k downloads on Datpiff. To be honest I am skeptical of those numbers because only 110 have streamed it. There are plenty of services someone can purchase that will up your numbers and it's not real. Nothing wrong with paying someone to promote you, but I feel like it defeats the purpose to pay for someone to use an app that switches up the IP address & continually download the mixtape. Whats the point of someone downloading in and they not actually listening? Lil Herb is very good & he doesn't need any of that swag. I was at work and somebody else was listening to it at lunch after I already listened to it & realized I forgot to write the review.

I have never heard of Lil Herb before this mixtape and original the only reason I listened is because it's hosted by Don Cannon. I don't know what Don charges to have a mixtape hosted by him but whatever it is it's WELL worth it. Anything he puts out is an instant classic. There is about 3 producers that have this status: Don Cannon, DJ Drama, & DJ Holiday. All the beats be swaggin sum major swag swag. As I was listening I found it difficult to listen to what Herb had to say because these beats are on top of anything. I had to listen to the mixtape about 3 times to really grasp everything that Lil Herb had to offer on da swag swag.

I googled  Lil Herb & came across a reoprt on him from I will put the link below. It sucks I have never heard of him before because now he got a buzz fame and probably charges for his time. I would love to swag with him sometime on da rap swag because he is raw as hell. Drill rap is now control of the streets & everybody is talking about it. I watched Chicago Tonight & they did a report on Drill because it's legit and true to this city. This perfectly represents the struggle that all us Chiraq Cats gotta swag to eat. It's nothing to us and just another day like Track 10- "Another Day" ft King Louie.

Originally I listened to this mixtape high. I been smoking reggie lately because times is hard as hell and I can't afford the luxury of loud. Reggie is ok from time to time because it still is weed gets you high. My medication to stay above all the bullshit that life presents. Alternator done died & I gotta replace it later on da no swag. Sucks because I worked 40 hours last week & my check was only $250 & I gotta pay about $150 for dis alternator. Dam. I would love to swag with Lil Herb but I gotta pay him first so if u read this review & appreciate me den gon head & leave a couple of dollars in my Paypal account. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.




Saturday, March 8, 2014

Griff G's "Gutta Music" review

WOOP WOOP!!! SWAG! Here goes yet again another release from Griff G. Dis is a swagger that makes sure to stay on his grind to ensure that he always shines. I first heard of him from his last mixtape "Till Death Due Us Part" dat swag swaggin sum swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! He really releases all that bad swag on Track 06- "Stress N Pain" ft. Powder & J. Grimes.

I really enjoy listening to this mixtape because of course the beats are swaggin sum swag swag. I was swag swaggin throughout the entire piece. There was a wide verity of tempos. I really enjoy it when Griff goes on da slow swag. He has some real good lyricl content but he goes so fast sometime that it's difficult to keep my attention span swaggin. It's alright because he sounds nice on Track 16- "Where I'm From" ft. King Stone & P-Dog.

His last mixtape included his swag partner Melody Star which in turn is his wife. Both of them are some grinders. At first, I thought he didn't have her on this mixtape. It mostly him solo swaggin but he does feature her in some tracks like Track 14- "Till Death Due Us Part". I reread my review on that mixtape & I see it has been taken down off Datpiff. I realize I was kind of hard on my evaluation but I pray they didn't take it down due to my review. Success takes alot of grind just like how Griff explained in Track 15- "Money Pilin" ft. JCorleon Final.

I did notice that in a few tracks he mentioned drinking and going ham. I drink as well but it's not my first choice of release. Anybody that knows me knows I partake in the herbal remedies. Nothing wrong with drinking but I'm working now & I can't drink everyday like when I was unemployed. I would like to go out and get me one of those Shot-n-Thot deals but I don't have da cash swag to pass swag. That's where u can help out. Griff G donated and it would be a blessing if you did as well on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Migos' "No Label 2" review

Migos is by far the hottest most influential rappers in the game right now. To me it's not debatable under any argument because when you turn on the radio all the major top selling artist is stealing their unique rap style. It is very distinctive because they instill a Creole-Patwa like swag to their raps & nobody was doing it before them & now that is all you hear because its very inviting & pleasant to listen to. Track 13- "YRH (Young Rich Homies)" ft Rich Homie Quan prod. by Metro Boomin & TM 88 really displays their talents on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

What makes Migos unique is their formula. All three of them are raw as hell and all three of them are different & have their own qualities that separate them from the pack. What I really like is they are all family and they share each track equally. Eventhough I would occasionally like to hear them solo on a track, each track each one of them has one verse & it blends well. This is nice because it doesn't allow you to get bored because alot of artist will have 25 tracks on a mixtape & you be tired of listening to their voice by track 10. This does not happen with Migos because they switch it up nicely like on Track 15- "Freak No More" prod. by Honorable C Note.

I believe that Takeoff is the best but to rank one against another is a foul because all three of them are on the same level. What separates them is their attributes and lyrical content. Quavo is real sensible & mature but there are times when he can go off on a goofy tangent but its all swag. I say that Takeoff is the rawest because he really brings you into what he has to say. He has a deeply aged voice that gives of a sense of great knowledge. I didn't realize it until this mixtape but Offset has the best vocabulary. He was locked up for a while & had nothing to do but practice and grow and it clearly shows. 

Throughout this entire mixtape Takeoff is talking about how all the majors stole their style and he explains himself fully on Track 2- "Copy Me" prod. by Murda. I mean EVERYBODY is taking their style. I turned on the radio & couldn't believe it. At this point there is no point in getting upset over it. It's best just to let it go and keep grinding because Migos has alot of fans & we all know who truly started it. I do it sometimes because I listen to them so much and they take up 50% of the memory on my phone & I constantly listen to them. 

Originally I was not going to do a review on this mixtape because I started this blog for small named artist and Migos is anything but that at this point. I just really like them. They don't play them on the radio like they should but never the less the have top spot right now. Everybody wants to work with them. I believe they are not on regular rotation because of the title of their first album YRN (Young Rich Niggas) & they are real. The "N" word is still taboo to many people mainly because of how so many black folk treat the word. We act like we are the only ones that is allowed to use it & make a big deal when some influential white person says it. I know of plenty white people who are more hood than I could ever imagine of being & they use the word more than me. I believe that all white people should go on twitter & tweet #NIGGA & that way nobody cares anymore. 

Now at this point Migos is making good money. I only wish the best for them & pray that they never lose the will to stop. I saw a twit pic that Offset tweeted & it was some hard copies of this mixtape & I want to buy one. Shouldn't be that much work for them to truly be independent & distribute their own mixtapes. It would be a swag swag. But for me I'm broke as a joke. Went to the mall on my momma birthday & wanted to buy a vaporisor because I usually smoke weed when I write these reviews & those are much safer for your lungs than blunts & joints. I couldn't buy it because I used what little money I had to take her to Red Lobster for her birthday. I know its like I'm asking for handouts but I work really hard on these reviews espically this one because I'm super sober right now. If you could click on the donation link below & give a small donation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.