Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Migos' "No Label 2" review

Migos is by far the hottest most influential rappers in the game right now. To me it's not debatable under any argument because when you turn on the radio all the major top selling artist is stealing their unique rap style. It is very distinctive because they instill a Creole-Patwa like swag to their raps & nobody was doing it before them & now that is all you hear because its very inviting & pleasant to listen to. Track 13- "YRH (Young Rich Homies)" ft Rich Homie Quan prod. by Metro Boomin & TM 88 really displays their talents on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

What makes Migos unique is their formula. All three of them are raw as hell and all three of them are different & have their own qualities that separate them from the pack. What I really like is they are all family and they share each track equally. Eventhough I would occasionally like to hear them solo on a track, each track each one of them has one verse & it blends well. This is nice because it doesn't allow you to get bored because alot of artist will have 25 tracks on a mixtape & you be tired of listening to their voice by track 10. This does not happen with Migos because they switch it up nicely like on Track 15- "Freak No More" prod. by Honorable C Note.

I believe that Takeoff is the best but to rank one against another is a foul because all three of them are on the same level. What separates them is their attributes and lyrical content. Quavo is real sensible & mature but there are times when he can go off on a goofy tangent but its all swag. I say that Takeoff is the rawest because he really brings you into what he has to say. He has a deeply aged voice that gives of a sense of great knowledge. I didn't realize it until this mixtape but Offset has the best vocabulary. He was locked up for a while & had nothing to do but practice and grow and it clearly shows. 

Throughout this entire mixtape Takeoff is talking about how all the majors stole their style and he explains himself fully on Track 2- "Copy Me" prod. by Murda. I mean EVERYBODY is taking their style. I turned on the radio & couldn't believe it. At this point there is no point in getting upset over it. It's best just to let it go and keep grinding because Migos has alot of fans & we all know who truly started it. I do it sometimes because I listen to them so much and they take up 50% of the memory on my phone & I constantly listen to them. 

Originally I was not going to do a review on this mixtape because I started this blog for small named artist and Migos is anything but that at this point. I just really like them. They don't play them on the radio like they should but never the less the have top spot right now. Everybody wants to work with them. I believe they are not on regular rotation because of the title of their first album YRN (Young Rich Niggas) & they are real. The "N" word is still taboo to many people mainly because of how so many black folk treat the word. We act like we are the only ones that is allowed to use it & make a big deal when some influential white person says it. I know of plenty white people who are more hood than I could ever imagine of being & they use the word more than me. I believe that all white people should go on twitter & tweet #NIGGA & that way nobody cares anymore. 

Now at this point Migos is making good money. I only wish the best for them & pray that they never lose the will to stop. I saw a twit pic that Offset tweeted & it was some hard copies of this mixtape & I want to buy one. Shouldn't be that much work for them to truly be independent & distribute their own mixtapes. It would be a swag swag. But for me I'm broke as a joke. Went to the mall on my momma birthday & wanted to buy a vaporisor because I usually smoke weed when I write these reviews & those are much safer for your lungs than blunts & joints. I couldn't buy it because I used what little money I had to take her to Red Lobster for her birthday. I know its like I'm asking for handouts but I work really hard on these reviews espically this one because I'm super sober right now. If you could click on the donation link below & give a small donation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



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