Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bzur's review

Alright now yall its the time to please pay your attention to Bzur. This spectacular soundtrack is sure to give you pleasure. Once I started listeing, my sprirt was streached to a new measure. If you into muisc composed on a masterful level then you are sure to go hear Track "Fade to G.".

Im sure alot of my readers are not fully acustomed to this style of muisc. This is more of a classical sound with a nice turned up tempo. You have to really be swaggin and take in everything that this has to offer. You have to allow yourself to open to new horizons and go to new places in life. You never know what you may find out, but you will have a better understanding when you hear Track "why".

Whats really nice about these tracks, is they all contain substance and have the ability to be in any background setiing. Any half descent animator would be able to produce some award winning scenes with these tunes. If your somebody who enjoys a trilling empactful sonets, then you will be sure to hear Track "Vibrance I".

He has a new album out now on Spoitify. The link is at the bottem. I am always willing to write a review for any artist of any genra. This is the first classical style review I have wirtten, but I have studied music history. I know good tracks when I hear em. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.