Friday, April 11, 2014

Meek Mill's "Dreamchasers 2" review

Meek Mill's took Philly to another level with this classic. This one was the work that jolted his fame to the level that he is on now. Complete with top notch features and superior first-rate beats, it's no wonder why everybody told me to listen to this to change my perspective on Meek Mill. Please believe this change my perspective & I now have a new appreciation for his greatness with joints like Track 14- "The Ride".

I have some explaining to do as to why I choose this old mixtape to review. I started this blog about a year ago as a means to show my appreciation for all the small artist who get no recognition. I found it totally unfair how the big names get all the radio play and love. After about a month I quickly realized that people just don't care about the small names, so I started doing the big names so I can get more readers. I was doing 3 reviews a day and I wrote 150 and somebody hacked my account and deleted about 30.

This post is my 150th review again (with the exception of some I took down) and I wanted to do a Meek Mill mixtape. I wrote a very nasty review on "Dreamchasers 3" and I realized I was totally wrong for that. At the time, I was very angry because somebody had the nerve to hack my account and delete my hard work. After listening to this mixtape I know know why everybody was raving about him so much because he has a way to get thing popping like on Track 15- "Face Down" ft. Trey Songz, Wale, & Sam Sneaker.

I used to have this anti-industry attitude, but as you grow older your perspective changes. I now have a greater understanding to how everything works. I work in a factory and like any industry, everybody plays their part. That independent shit gets dead after a whiles because independent artist usually are broke. Who wants to keep working and not seeing any monetary reward for their work? A crazy person, that's who. I am crazy and have learned to control my kooky screwball ways. 

I realize its not really a review but more so an apology to Meek Mill and his camp. I may be a small blogger but I have a strong reader base. I realize the power one's word and work. I work really hard on these reviews and plan on one day to take it to the next level but for now, I'm staying in my lane. Best to focus on one thing at a time so you have a more potent grind. Like in Track 12- "Big Dreams" prod. by All Star, I have them but it takes time and coordination with unquestioned cooperation. 

If you haven't downloaded this mixtape the link is below. Also I provide this as a free service to anybody who would like their mixtape reviewed and get some free promotion. Yes I do get personal with what I write about but that is why its titled Great FRANK'S Place. My perspective and I keep shit 100, for what it's worth. If u appreciate my work then please by all means leave a donation but if not its all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.  



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vince Staples "Shyne Coldchain Vol 2" review

Tune into the smooth west coast rhymes of Vince Staples and swag to da swag. This was a wonderful mixtape to listen to due to the fact he caters to any kinda of listener with his elegant melodious sounds. All West Coast rappers have a polished uniform sleek style with champion crafted beats. He shows off his savvy on Track 10- "Earth Science".

I never heard of Vince Stapeles before this mixtape. Did a little research and he is well established and has worked with plenty of top knotch artist. I love it when I find an artist who nobody has ever hear of, then I write about em & all of a sudden, they are the talk of the town. All they needed was some love and somebody to highlight thier talents and Vince sure is talented like in Track 10- "Oh You Scared" ft. Jhene Aiko.

The other day I talked with a friend and he told me he don't fuck with West Coast rappers. I can kind of understand simply because of the demographic and how far away they are from us. That is the beauty of the internet because it allows people to link up no matter your location. Personally, I love West Coast rap because it's very rare you find somebody that's whack. They set a pretty high bar for anybody who expects to go far. Something about being in that Cali sun can really swag.

I do have to point out the inconsistency of the number of download in ratio to the number of views. I have recently been informed that there are apps people can use to up the number their downloads. At first, I was totally against forged numbers because it can seem desperate, but I then realized mixtapes are promotional pieces. Artist do not make a dime for releasing gems like this one. Nobody wants to work for free and if there is some sort of setup that could up your popularity and profits, then have at it. If it aint broke don't fix it.

Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to the music industry or any industry at that. You can be the best rapper of all time, but if nobody knows u exist, then your essentially nothing. That is why I created this blog, but I do work for free. Suck ass, I know but I'm blessed so it's all swag. I was listening to my favorite radio station earlier WFMT Classical 98.7 and like PBS they are collection donations. I'm growing in readers and if any of yall were to donate it would be a swag Swag SWAG!!! Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big K.R.I.T.'s "Week Of K.R.I.T." review

Honestly I'm totally confused if this is an official release or not from Big K.R.I.T. camp or not. It's sponsored on Datpiff and appears to be a promotional release for his upcoming album "Cadillactica". Whatever it is a download that carries the smooth southern styles of the King Remembered In Time. He captures you with his skillfully proficient rhymes that he gives on joint like Track 04- "Egyptian Cotton".

I really didn't know much about Big K.R.I.T. before I listened to this mixtape. Of course I have heard his features on other artist work but I never bothered to sit down and dive into what he was really swaggin. If I was to compare him, he reminds me of a more country version of Curren$y. His smooth jazz swag beats and adept lyrical content gets you thinking, as you can hear in Track 03- "Lac Lac" ft. AAP Ferg.

I started listening to this tape as I was waiting in line to get an emissions test. Thank the good lord I passed swag. Reason I mention this because the line was long as all hell. If it wasn't for his polished tranquil rhymes, I would have snapped. Other lines had attendant that was faster than the line I was in and its nerve rackening when you see people way behind you get their car tested before yours. This has absolutely nothing to do with K.R.I.T. other than me saying thank you for being so serene.

This was my first tape but I will be on the lookout for future works. Also I will be listening to previous works. As always I put that donation link at the bottom and if any artist wants their mixtape reviewed then hit me up on twitter @GreatFrank87 or email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kanye West's "Grad School" review

This is an unofficial release that has nothing to do with Kanye West other than him being on the tracks. I had to state that first because I myself was confused when I came across this mixtape on Datpiff. With that said DIS SHIT COLD!!! Even though these tracks are old, in my opinion its much better than anything Yeezus is putting out today. Tracks like this is what built the bricks that jolted Kanye to his fame today like Track 17- "Philly Niggas" ft. Freeway & Beans.

With all his current antics, it can be easy to forget that Kanye West is one the the top artist off all time. Most people don't know that he produced most of the beat for Roc-A-Fella and was a highly respected producer well before "College Dropout". I do kinda wish Trid Tha Kid (DJ that made this mixtape) would have put the year when each track was produced, but never the less its nice to hear the soulful Kayne like in Track 13- "Soulful" ft Khayree & Consequence.

I used to be judgmental of how Kayne, but I now realize people change over time. I know alot of his fans don't agree with his persona of Yeezus but its still him. Originally I thought he did this as a joke but its not. To me "808's & Heartbreak" was his most meaningful album because it showed that he was not scared to be himself. Also I thought his relationship with Kim K. was a publicity stunt but he really does love her and I don't blame him. Even with her extra weight she still looks better than 90% of women and she appears to be a good mother to baby North. He better hold on like on Track 14- "The Stalker Song (Never Letting Go)"

I know the chances of Kanye reading this himself is slim to none, but like in Track 02- "Apologize", I owe him one. I know it doesn't mean much but there was alot of untrue rumors going around that he is homosexual. Few months ago I went on twitter and no swagged. Rumors are nasty and nobody should listen to them, but for some reason people will believe anything they hear on the streets. Best to block all that shit out and life your life. Even if he is gay SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! It doesn't take away from his musical talents so just swag to da swag swag.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I suggest you follow @Trid_Tha_Kid on twitter because he release these kind of mixtapes all the time and I will be reviewing many more. Also please don't forget about the donation link I always swag because anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.