Friday, April 11, 2014

Meek Mill's "Dreamchasers 2" review

Meek Mill's took Philly to another level with this classic. This one was the work that jolted his fame to the level that he is on now. Complete with top notch features and superior first-rate beats, it's no wonder why everybody told me to listen to this to change my perspective on Meek Mill. Please believe this change my perspective & I now have a new appreciation for his greatness with joints like Track 14- "The Ride".

I have some explaining to do as to why I choose this old mixtape to review. I started this blog about a year ago as a means to show my appreciation for all the small artist who get no recognition. I found it totally unfair how the big names get all the radio play and love. After about a month I quickly realized that people just don't care about the small names, so I started doing the big names so I can get more readers. I was doing 3 reviews a day and I wrote 150 and somebody hacked my account and deleted about 30.

This post is my 150th review again (with the exception of some I took down) and I wanted to do a Meek Mill mixtape. I wrote a very nasty review on "Dreamchasers 3" and I realized I was totally wrong for that. At the time, I was very angry because somebody had the nerve to hack my account and delete my hard work. After listening to this mixtape I know know why everybody was raving about him so much because he has a way to get thing popping like on Track 15- "Face Down" ft. Trey Songz, Wale, & Sam Sneaker.

I used to have this anti-industry attitude, but as you grow older your perspective changes. I now have a greater understanding to how everything works. I work in a factory and like any industry, everybody plays their part. That independent shit gets dead after a whiles because independent artist usually are broke. Who wants to keep working and not seeing any monetary reward for their work? A crazy person, that's who. I am crazy and have learned to control my kooky screwball ways. 

I realize its not really a review but more so an apology to Meek Mill and his camp. I may be a small blogger but I have a strong reader base. I realize the power one's word and work. I work really hard on these reviews and plan on one day to take it to the next level but for now, I'm staying in my lane. Best to focus on one thing at a time so you have a more potent grind. Like in Track 12- "Big Dreams" prod. by All Star, I have them but it takes time and coordination with unquestioned cooperation. 

If you haven't downloaded this mixtape the link is below. Also I provide this as a free service to anybody who would like their mixtape reviewed and get some free promotion. Yes I do get personal with what I write about but that is why its titled Great FRANK'S Place. My perspective and I keep shit 100, for what it's worth. If u appreciate my work then please by all means leave a donation but if not its all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.  



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