Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kanye West's "Grad School" review

This is an unofficial release that has nothing to do with Kanye West other than him being on the tracks. I had to state that first because I myself was confused when I came across this mixtape on Datpiff. With that said DIS SHIT COLD!!! Even though these tracks are old, in my opinion its much better than anything Yeezus is putting out today. Tracks like this is what built the bricks that jolted Kanye to his fame today like Track 17- "Philly Niggas" ft. Freeway & Beans.

With all his current antics, it can be easy to forget that Kanye West is one the the top artist off all time. Most people don't know that he produced most of the beat for Roc-A-Fella and was a highly respected producer well before "College Dropout". I do kinda wish Trid Tha Kid (DJ that made this mixtape) would have put the year when each track was produced, but never the less its nice to hear the soulful Kayne like in Track 13- "Soulful" ft Khayree & Consequence.

I used to be judgmental of how Kayne, but I now realize people change over time. I know alot of his fans don't agree with his persona of Yeezus but its still him. Originally I thought he did this as a joke but its not. To me "808's & Heartbreak" was his most meaningful album because it showed that he was not scared to be himself. Also I thought his relationship with Kim K. was a publicity stunt but he really does love her and I don't blame him. Even with her extra weight she still looks better than 90% of women and she appears to be a good mother to baby North. He better hold on like on Track 14- "The Stalker Song (Never Letting Go)"

I know the chances of Kanye reading this himself is slim to none, but like in Track 02- "Apologize", I owe him one. I know it doesn't mean much but there was alot of untrue rumors going around that he is homosexual. Few months ago I went on twitter and no swagged. Rumors are nasty and nobody should listen to them, but for some reason people will believe anything they hear on the streets. Best to block all that shit out and life your life. Even if he is gay SO THE FUCK WHAT!!! It doesn't take away from his musical talents so just swag to da swag swag.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I suggest you follow @Trid_Tha_Kid on twitter because he release these kind of mixtapes all the time and I will be reviewing many more. Also please don't forget about the donation link I always swag because anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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