Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young Thug's "Thuga Thuga" review

Now this is what Im swaggin. Another great tag along of the QC crew as well as repping YSL,  Young Thug sure knows how to put in the work to make dems hoes twerk. Shake Swag. He really establishes himself on a serious status in the rap game with his numerous amounts of high quality features including Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, & Meek Mill but one that really sets the mood is Migos track feat. Young Thug Track 6- "YRN".

What I really like about this mixtape is how he kicked it off with Track 1- "Chasin'" ft. Rich Homie Quan & Gucci Main. I was not expecting for there to be this many features & it was a nice surprise because Young Thug is a good sport but he has a high pitched whiny like voice & he doesn't rhyme that much & its not that appealing but he is original & I appreciate it. There is a nice amount of people who don't like this unique way of swaggin but I'm swaggin it. He is more of a story teller & knows how to swag.

I do have to say, I did have a minor issue with the way the tracks was ordered. In the first half of the mixtape, there was alot of tracks I originally heard on PeeWay LongWay's "Lobby Runners" & I listened to that plenty times before so I simply skipped them. Once u get to the second half its alot of new original tracks featuring Gucci Mane & I love Gucci. He is the reason I strive to have a hard work ethic because he is the ultimate grinder & changed the game with his ability to flood the market w/ mixtpaes. If u put it out there they will listen & I follow his path on da swag.

Although, I do understand why artist put previously released tracks on a mixtape for promotional purposes, but at the same time I believe it lowers the quality of the work. Some of the best artist who makes a statement with their great mixtapes like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, & Lil B all strive to put original works on their pieces & it be swaggin. I do wish artist would not do it as much, because originality is the most important quality of any artist & if u not swaggin it then u no swag nothing. swag.

Here comes the part that I gotta try & dig in yo pockets. I mean I'm not trying to rob you or anything, but I do work hard on these reviews & I do it free of charge. Now I don't always do peoples mixtape by request, because they have some nerve to ask me & not donate first. GET OUTTA HERE!!! Its my choice which artist I review & I only swag true swaggers & any true swagger knows to swag another swagger baCk when he swaggs u up swag. A small donation to my Paypal would be a swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Thank you swag for visiting Great Franks Place.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rich The Kid's "Rich Forever" review

Now dis was a swag mixtape dat defiantly was swaggin sum swag. Although I was disappointed that it didn't feature Rich The Kid in more tracks it did its part to introduce alot of new unreleased tracks from the QC team as well as highlighting alot of previously released works. On of my favorites is Track 16- "Austin Powers"[prod. by Young Chop] ft. Young Thug & Young Dolph because is a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I don't want people to think I did not like this mixtape because I did enjoy it. Only issue is I was under the mindset that this was a solo work by Rich The Kid. He hosted it and I located it though his twitter page and I thought it was going to feature him on every track but it basically was the same kind of setup to the same style of Peeway Longway's "Lobby Runners".  It was more of a mix by the entire group with Migos, Skippa Da Flippa, Jose Guapo, Young Thug, Young Dolph and the rest of dem niggas. Its alot. Matter of fact there was a healthy amount of tracks that was already on the "Lobby Runners" but it did not overwhelm because most of them were new tracks I never heard.

Other than the fact I felt bamboozled because I though this was RTK's mixtape, I really enjoyed listening. Rich was only the main featured on 4 tracks but he also featured himself on other artist tracks so it swag swagged. What I really like about his rap style is he has a goofy style to his lyrics. Alot of hip-hop fans don't like unimaginable odd content but I like it because he just being himself and I respect real. Plus his alibis be swagggin because its obvious he really takes pride in that aspect of his art.

I previously said that I want nothing to do with the music industry but I am really enjoying the recent works from OC Independent. Nobody in the swag crew is bad plus everybody be swagged up. If I was to sign to a label I would seriously consider them because they be in the studio getting all fucked up smoking all dem blunts and drinking dat lean. I have never had real lean before & I would love to swag it. Plus I have never been in a real studio before. I have alot of videos online of me swaggin and I be in my car w/ a camera my father gave me. It would be so nice to swag with them one day & make some money but since that is not the case I have to ask yall for some donations. Anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you swag for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Monday, January 27, 2014

Ballout's "Mr1take" review

GBE 300 SWAGGIN FROM DA CHI & KEEPING DA SHIT FLY!!! Mr.1take is yet again in his zone at his home. Ballout really is freestyling everything & I believe he has the potential to either blow up or deflate to a useless piece of nothing. It's totally up to him & as long as he keeps putting out swag he will stay swaggin. Track 03- "Cinderella" ft O.J. Juiceman is by far the best track swaggin on dis swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I do have to say there is not the same overall quality as Ballout's previous mixtapes. It sounds somewhat like some of Migos & the QC Indepentent crew mixtapes where it is not properly engenieered. DJ Hustelnomics is responsible for this amurture sounding work & I would not pay for his services because Ballout really does have a proper swag when the proper DJ swags him up & I did not feel a connection between the two. Not Ballout's fault, its just that he believes in the K.I.S.S. [keep it simple stupid] & if he is not swaggin w/ a DJ that can swag him up then this is what u get. A mediocre mixtape. Not bad nor is it anywhere near premiere. Its all swag because Ballout ALWAYS bounces back on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Although I hate that Ballout allegedly stole Soulja's chain I still enjoy listening to him alot. He is real & from da Chi & even though he is not the most likable rapper he sure does keep it swaggin. I no swagged him on youtube on my page YOUTUBE.COM/FWILLIS911 where I deflated a medicine ball that my momma has for her back & said that the ball represents Bally. I don't wanna think I affected his swag in anyway but he came out with this mixtape yesterday & has yet to reach 1000 downloads. An artist of his quality should be getting 10k in the first day but he has appeared to regress. OH NO FUMBLE!!!Guess he has to be a man & return someone's property otherwise he gonna keep no swaggin.

I really hope to continue on hearing works from Ballout. Anybody on the planet has the ability to fix a no swag dat they swagged & I am doing my best everyday to do dat. I no swagged Bally but I believe I can swag him some downloads so please click da link & swag it. Also just between me & u I have a donation link there too. That will be our little secret but its only useful if u click it and give. Just a minute small donation is all I need to swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Thank you swag for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Friday, January 24, 2014

Tim C's "The Streets Dry" review

I mean dam. DIS SHIT COLD!!! I honestly think this one one of the top 10 mixtapes I listened to in 2013. Only reason I didn't write a review when I first listening because I didn't have a job & most of my efforts was directed towards that & I needed money but now I got a check & Im finna sexd. This is why I could not forget Tim C because he put out a masterpiece with the services of DJ Holiday. He really swag swag on Track 7- "Same Clothes" ft Lil G prod. by YC Beats because I be swaggin da same Girbaud jeans because I like da colors on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I originally heard this mixtape when Tim C first got released. swag. Just go to the bottom link & look at the comments & u will see. Proof swag. Reason I took so long to finally write the review because I did originally asked Tim C on twitter @TheStreetsDry if he could donate $1 for the review & he never swagged it. Its all swag bc I'll still swag it. Also this shit was raw as hell & I put it on my phone & have listened to it well over 50 times bc is a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Coming from the central Illinois trap of Decauter, IL I know he be swaggin bc u gotta be swaggin to cum from there because only real niggas reside or else dey die. Death Swag. What really attracted me to this instant classic how genuine Tim is with his lyrics. Its beyond evident he is not lying when he says "I serve alot of cane" on Track 03- "Kno My Name" prod. by YC Beatz because in central Illinois there is nothing to do but slang dat cane because folk finna snort dem thangs. Sniff Swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Another reason this is a premier piece of work because DJ Holiday is swaggin on it. I would LOVE to pay for his services but I'm poor. I don't wanna move cocaine because that is how u get caught in white mans trap called prison but I do write these reviews & u just read it so y not swag mi up with a swag swag donation swag. It would REALLY be a swag swag dat will forever swag sum swag. Fun Pun Cum Ton Swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Seriously if you could click on that donation link & contribute it would really be a swag swag. Thank you swag.



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Veto Vangundy's "From Pain To Glory" review

CHIRAQ YALL NEED TO SWAG & SWAG WIT YA BOI!!! Veto Vanguny is a swagger dat be swaggin from da Go & he know how to flow. I pure master lyricist that form a real style that proudly represents Chicago to the fullest & he really knows how to swag. He really swagged on Track 08- "Trayvon Martin"

I have to say that at first I was reluctant to listen to this mixtape because I found Veto Vangundy on twitter & most of the people who follow me end up unfollowing me eventually so I really don't swag em but once I saw that Veto had a mixtape on Datpiff I was like SWAG SWAG!!! Plus he from Chiraq projects of LeClaire Courts I instantly knew he is a real swagster & I really hope to swag with him eventually in the future. The LeClaire Courts are now demolished as well as most of the Chicago Housing Authorities housing projects. I mean, they didn't hesitate to get us niggas out dem projects & I don't blame dem because niggas be no swaggin but I still luv dem swag.

One thing I instantly noticed was how Veto's had a similarity to some other artist. Not to say he is copying his style but it just sounded similar. Then I noticed that it was close to the sound of Philly rapper Meek Mill. I really don't care for Meek Mill but I do like Veto because he carries more of a smoother Chicago style of rap. He really has a nice smooth style with lyrics on the premier level of talent. Its evident when someone takes pride in their craft & works really hard at it & Veto is on a swag swag level. SWAG SWAG!!!

I really hope to swag with Veto Vangundy soon bc I stay in Bolingbrook, Illinois & I gots a car & its nothing for me to gas up & drive to Chicago & swag with him in my car. Only problem is I need gas money to swag out there & my job is not busy enough & they not giving me any hours. Plus I wanna make sure I make Veto's time worth wild on da swag swag. That is where u can help me & make a small donation to my Paypal. Even dontating $1 is more than enough to swag mi up & I really appreciate it on da swag swag. Thank you swag.



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Migo Dope's "I Am The Streez" review

CHICAGO STAND UP & SWAG WIT YA BOI!!! I mean I was amazed by this Chiraq Cat from the first time I heard him. Now we all know I am somewhat biased when it comes to Chicago rappers but come on now, dis nigg is swaggin & I will always support a swaggin swagger. SWAG SWAG!!! He is really swaggin sum swag on Track 05- "My Amigo"

A friend of mine introduced me to Migo Dope. Not to be confused with hot street rappers Migos swaggin  from Atlanta, Migo Dope really puts fourth the great Chicago style rap of pure real lyrics & south side soul swag. Track 07- "The Weekend" ft Harvey Lee really represent the smoother side as well as Track 10- "Werdope Ridin Slow".

Theses slower smoother tracks really surprised me because most young cats only wanna swag the bangers with the heavy base. Its nice to hear an artist who knows how to appreciate the smoother more gentle & fluid style of rap that anybody of any age group can appreciate. It really widens your target marking age group on da swag Swag SWAG!!!

Now please don't think I don't enjoy his more thuggish swag because you gotta stays swagging on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Track 11- "No Smoke" is the first track I heard & I was like DAM! Des niggas cold & I googled them & found dis mixtape & it turned out to be a great listen & I will be trying to get in touch wit them bc I be in da City & I gots a car so it aint nothing for mi to swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Now I finally got me a job & will start making money & I thank the most high for all my blessings. Now that Im working & all swag I will start writing more reviews for free again but of course I still have my Paypal account & it's not like I'm making any kind of elobrate salery. I make $8.50 an hour so if u could show your appreciating by giving a small donation just to help out it would be a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. Thank you swag.