Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rich The Kid's "Rich Forever" review

Now dis was a swag mixtape dat defiantly was swaggin sum swag. Although I was disappointed that it didn't feature Rich The Kid in more tracks it did its part to introduce alot of new unreleased tracks from the QC team as well as highlighting alot of previously released works. On of my favorites is Track 16- "Austin Powers"[prod. by Young Chop] ft. Young Thug & Young Dolph because is a swag swag dat be swaggin swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I don't want people to think I did not like this mixtape because I did enjoy it. Only issue is I was under the mindset that this was a solo work by Rich The Kid. He hosted it and I located it though his twitter page and I thought it was going to feature him on every track but it basically was the same kind of setup to the same style of Peeway Longway's "Lobby Runners".  It was more of a mix by the entire group with Migos, Skippa Da Flippa, Jose Guapo, Young Thug, Young Dolph and the rest of dem niggas. Its alot. Matter of fact there was a healthy amount of tracks that was already on the "Lobby Runners" but it did not overwhelm because most of them were new tracks I never heard.

Other than the fact I felt bamboozled because I though this was RTK's mixtape, I really enjoyed listening. Rich was only the main featured on 4 tracks but he also featured himself on other artist tracks so it swag swagged. What I really like about his rap style is he has a goofy style to his lyrics. Alot of hip-hop fans don't like unimaginable odd content but I like it because he just being himself and I respect real. Plus his alibis be swagggin because its obvious he really takes pride in that aspect of his art.

I previously said that I want nothing to do with the music industry but I am really enjoying the recent works from OC Independent. Nobody in the swag crew is bad plus everybody be swagged up. If I was to sign to a label I would seriously consider them because they be in the studio getting all fucked up smoking all dem blunts and drinking dat lean. I have never had real lean before & I would love to swag it. Plus I have never been in a real studio before. I have alot of videos online of me swaggin and I be in my car w/ a camera my father gave me. It would be so nice to swag with them one day & make some money but since that is not the case I have to ask yall for some donations. Anything that is given is greatly appreciated. Thank you swag for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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