Monday, January 27, 2014

Ballout's "Mr1take" review

GBE 300 SWAGGIN FROM DA CHI & KEEPING DA SHIT FLY!!! Mr.1take is yet again in his zone at his home. Ballout really is freestyling everything & I believe he has the potential to either blow up or deflate to a useless piece of nothing. It's totally up to him & as long as he keeps putting out swag he will stay swaggin. Track 03- "Cinderella" ft O.J. Juiceman is by far the best track swaggin on dis swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I do have to say there is not the same overall quality as Ballout's previous mixtapes. It sounds somewhat like some of Migos & the QC Indepentent crew mixtapes where it is not properly engenieered. DJ Hustelnomics is responsible for this amurture sounding work & I would not pay for his services because Ballout really does have a proper swag when the proper DJ swags him up & I did not feel a connection between the two. Not Ballout's fault, its just that he believes in the K.I.S.S. [keep it simple stupid] & if he is not swaggin w/ a DJ that can swag him up then this is what u get. A mediocre mixtape. Not bad nor is it anywhere near premiere. Its all swag because Ballout ALWAYS bounces back on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

Although I hate that Ballout allegedly stole Soulja's chain I still enjoy listening to him alot. He is real & from da Chi & even though he is not the most likable rapper he sure does keep it swaggin. I no swagged him on youtube on my page YOUTUBE.COM/FWILLIS911 where I deflated a medicine ball that my momma has for her back & said that the ball represents Bally. I don't wanna think I affected his swag in anyway but he came out with this mixtape yesterday & has yet to reach 1000 downloads. An artist of his quality should be getting 10k in the first day but he has appeared to regress. OH NO FUMBLE!!!Guess he has to be a man & return someone's property otherwise he gonna keep no swaggin.

I really hope to continue on hearing works from Ballout. Anybody on the planet has the ability to fix a no swag dat they swagged & I am doing my best everyday to do dat. I no swagged Bally but I believe I can swag him some downloads so please click da link & swag it. Also just between me & u I have a donation link there too. That will be our little secret but its only useful if u click it and give. Just a minute small donation is all I need to swag. SWAG SWAG!!! Thank you swag for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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