Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Migos' "Young Rich Niggas 2 (Unofficial Release)" review

Alright now it feels like I have been waiting on this forever but some dj out there decided to put together a complication of all the recently released tracks from Migos. These hot Atlanta rappers is really in the best position to get stupid paid & stupid laid on da swag swag. SWAG SWAG!!! They are guaranteed future success if they keep making tracks like Track 24- "50 Chicks" ft Skippa Da Flippa because is a swag swag dat be swagging swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I understand this is an unofficial release but its nice to at least have all these recently released tracks on one mixtape. It is no longer posted on Datpiff & all praises to most high I got it b4 the legal team of QC Independent could snatch it off. I don't blame them because yall want folk to download the official release but since it already leaked they might as well just get on they grind & put 25 NEW tracks on the official release. Dey fuk with Gucci so dey know how to grind swag. SWAG SWAG!!!

I really hope the official release is not anything like what I just listened to because its not my fault some DJ put this on Datpiff & I saw it & downloaded it. I will put up the link to the mixtape but if you click on it you will see it has been taken down. I hope they didn't do that because I posted the link on twitter & I tweeted it to them. WOO good thing I downloaded da swag & now I gots it on my phone & Im finna be driving all around town swaggin it. SWAG SWAG!!!

Now I have become a huge fan of Migos from the first time I heard them. If u go back in my blog you will see I wrote a review on "Streets On Lock" & when I did that review I had no clue how famous this trio of Atlanta hustlers was. They had pretty much establish a strong swag but I had never heard of them. That is due to Chicago radio. They are always late with playing new hot artist & is a no swag.

"Streets On Lock" had Rich The Kid in it to fulfill the role of Offset while he was incarcerated. For the most part he did a good job but I do have to say I noticed its difficult for me to tell the difference between Offset & RTK. Since "Streets On Lock" was the first work I heard I often used to think that Rich was Offset. I realized what separates them is their adlibs. Rich The Kids strength is in his wacky unbelievable outburst like "I'M RICH!!!"  whereas Offset is more of a constructed rapper w/ a consistent flow. They both be swagging so its all swag swag.

One thing that I relly enjoyed about this release is the mix of new tracks I never heard & old ones I swagged like Track 15- "Brokanese" which is on my Xvideos.com page "Ilickass87". When I first head this I thought that it was directed towards me because on my twitter @greatfrank87 I have a link to my paypay & I used to ask artist for a $1 donation but virtually none of the artist would respond let alone donate. I would ask nicely & did the review & nobody would swag. No swag. I went on twitter & no swagged but then I found out this was directed towards Chief Keef. Even though I do not believe that its all swag. I really like these guys & wanted to go to thier concert at Adriannas in Markham, IL but dat didn't swag & last time I went by there they was closed. They might be open under a new name but it don't matter because its the same club owners & dey still finna no swag so I still wont be going there because what happened afterwards was one of the feelings anyone could ever swag & I can't wait till they swag another show in Chicago soon because I got me a job now & I will be having some money coming in & please believe me not having a source of income will not stop me from seeing them live. Swag.

Lastly another feature I enjoyed about this mixtape was the features. They will always come strong with thier usually possy of Peeway Longway & Rich The Kid but there is alot more of them swagging with Migos like Skippa Da Flippa & Jose Guapo. I am really looking forward towards Skippa's future solo projects but all of them be swaggin. Peeway Longway aka Blue M&M has a banging mixtape titled "Lobby Runners" out right now & I suggest u go download it. Better download it or fuckin else. Swag.

Also they have some feautres from some big name artist like Sean Kingston, Drake, Juicy J & R. Kelly. R. Kelly really finna swag Migos to sum next level swag bc R. Kelly is more than a legend. When it comes to Chicago he is a God & may swag any swaggett dat swaggs his way swag. I dont think dey truly know how much dey finna swag as long as dey keep fuckin wit Kells. Swag Swag!

Alright now here comes the swag dat I need to be swaggin. Although I do not ask any permission from the artist to write a review on thier work I do work really hard highlighting the artist strong points & promoting this blog which in-turn is promoting their work. I understand its uncouth for me to just up & give my opinion but a nigga gotta get his hustle on & make a lil money swag. Dats y I used to ask for $1 donations. Now I have a job but they not busy & I was discharged for wearing my headphones during a shift & I gotta wait until something opens up until I can work again so now I have it set up on my Paypal to take any amount of donation. Anything that is donated is greatly appreciated & thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

MIXTAPE:     http://www.datpiff.com/MIGOS-Yrn-2-young-Rich-Niggas-Migos-mixtape.573613.html

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