Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Veto Vangundy's "From Pain To Glory" review

CHIRAQ YALL NEED TO SWAG & SWAG WIT YA BOI!!! Veto Vanguny is a swagger dat be swaggin from da Go & he know how to flow. I pure master lyricist that form a real style that proudly represents Chicago to the fullest & he really knows how to swag. He really swagged on Track 08- "Trayvon Martin"

I have to say that at first I was reluctant to listen to this mixtape because I found Veto Vangundy on twitter & most of the people who follow me end up unfollowing me eventually so I really don't swag em but once I saw that Veto had a mixtape on Datpiff I was like SWAG SWAG!!! Plus he from Chiraq projects of LeClaire Courts I instantly knew he is a real swagster & I really hope to swag with him eventually in the future. The LeClaire Courts are now demolished as well as most of the Chicago Housing Authorities housing projects. I mean, they didn't hesitate to get us niggas out dem projects & I don't blame dem because niggas be no swaggin but I still luv dem swag.

One thing I instantly noticed was how Veto's had a similarity to some other artist. Not to say he is copying his style but it just sounded similar. Then I noticed that it was close to the sound of Philly rapper Meek Mill. I really don't care for Meek Mill but I do like Veto because he carries more of a smoother Chicago style of rap. He really has a nice smooth style with lyrics on the premier level of talent. Its evident when someone takes pride in their craft & works really hard at it & Veto is on a swag swag level. SWAG SWAG!!!

I really hope to swag with Veto Vangundy soon bc I stay in Bolingbrook, Illinois & I gots a car & its nothing for me to gas up & drive to Chicago & swag with him in my car. Only problem is I need gas money to swag out there & my job is not busy enough & they not giving me any hours. Plus I wanna make sure I make Veto's time worth wild on da swag swag. That is where u can help me & make a small donation to my Paypal. Even dontating $1 is more than enough to swag mi up & I really appreciate it on da swag swag. Thank you swag.



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