Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mike Biggiz & Bag Of Tricks Cat "Paid In Sex" review

When Mike Biggiz hit me up on twitter to review this mixtape I was like swag swag. I'm not really into blogging right now but I'm always willing to give any artist a review. He teams up with Bag Of Tricks Cats on this mixtape and they create some magic with joints like Track 7- "Stone Cold Stunna" prod. by Cashous Clay. 

I like this because Mike Biggiz stays consistent with his swag. He wants the world to know he is a pimp daddy mack and there is nothing wrong with that. I reviewed his last mixtape "Pimp Hard Or Die Trying" and that one was swagging as well so pimp on playa like in Track 06- "Pimp Hand" prod. by BeatBusta. 

Before, I had no clue how men pimp women. How does one convince somebody to go out and earn money and then bring it back to them? They put in all the work, but then give the reward to another. Then I got to thinking most of us work jobs and our employers are basically pimping us. They expect us to give maximum effort for minimum pay. Also, one could say the government is pimping us. We are taxed like crazy and see very little in return and the most fucked up part is THEY PRINT THE MONEY!!!  But at the same time if folk didn't slave over paper money, then money would have no value, so I guess is a swag. Pimps come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different ways to pimp someone and it a part of human nature. 

Also this mixtape gets me to ask why is prostitution illegal? Makes no sense because a man tricking on a woman is the easiest way to get them panties off. Some men feed their women all kinds off bullshit lies and those women are so thirsty to have a man that fits the mold of society accepts, that they will believe anything they say. Prostitution is the oldest profession and as long as men get horny, they will be willing to waste their money on these thots. 

If your a regular reader to my blog you know Im trying to get a porn site swaggin. I don't have much game when I comes to hollering at hoes, but it's ok because I can surround myself with people who can do my dirty work for me. Women are amazon, but hoes are horrible and stupid. If some nigga out there is willing to say whatever so they will fuck on camera for me, then swag swag. Be on the lookout. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 



Monday, June 9, 2014

Wiz Khalifa's "28 Grams" review

Wiz comes in and drops another swagged up mixtape for all the Talyors. This may be a new sound, but its the same swag that drove him to the top and why his success will never stop. I make sure to always tune in to what he Wizzy has to say because him and Currensy are the faces of a generation of stoners with joints like Track 21- "My Nigs" prod. by ID Labs & PoShad Beats. 

I gotta be honest, at first I did not like this mixtape. This has a completely different sound from "Kush & Orange Juice" and "Taylor Allderdice". This has more of an upbeat vibe and is more tuned for the clubbers and trappers. Although I do enjoy the down south swag, its different from what your used to listening to Wiz's smooth trance educing smokers music. I enjoyed "Rolling Papers" more when I listened to it for the first time. Luckily, I didn't delete it off my memory and the more I listen to it, the more it grew on me. Nothing wrong with trying new styles and taking care of your business like on Track 20- "Handel My Biz" ft. JR Donato prod. by Metro Boomin.

Alright now, I'm about to blow my readers mind and do a switch-a-roo swag. MARIJUANA SHOULD SAY ILLEGAL!!! Now before you say "How dis pothead nigga gonna make a stupid ass statement like that?", let me explain. Thanks to Wiz efforts, he has opened a Pandora's box and people are not as stuck up about weed like they was before. More and more people see marijuana as a medicinal herb now, as oppose to chemically crafted substance. The benefits of using marijuana greatly outweigh the negatives of not using. 

Legalizing marijuana is much more than President Obama taking it off the Schedule 1 list. Say he did it today, there are plenty of people in prison for weed and all those people will have to be not only exonerated, but they have to be compensated. Also there is alot of people (including me) who have criminal record for possession and distributing. What about drug test? Employers are still gonna test people for it no matter if its legal or not. Its not like cocaine or liqueur that leaves your system in a few days, weed is there and will be there for a good lil whiles. For marijuana to be truly legal it's gonna take influential people like Wiz to keep swaggin it and change people's mindset as past generations start to fade out. 

Now to the reasons I believe it should STAY illegal. Marijuana remaining illegal is factual evidence as to how illegitimate our government is. Later down the line, future generations will look at who we currently have in office and shame them. They would rather start wars and make sure the wealthy get richer, than make common sense laws. We have two states that say fuck the feds and went on and did it anyway. I also get to thinking about the people that control the finical district. All them rich corporate niggs make no less than $100k a year and all of them be coked up everyday. They don't bitch and moan about cocaine being legal. They could care less if coke is legal or not because they got money and as long as that money rolling in, shit is a swag swag. 

I realize this review is less of a focus on the music and more on my views of marijuana, but this is my blog and I write what I want. I respect Wiz for not being scared to change his image and style. I'm currently in the process of doing the same and I want to start shooting porn. Now that I have a job I'm just saving up and learning what I have to do to get it swaggin. If you wish to help my efforts than just leave a donation at the link below. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.