Thursday, March 26, 2015

YRN Lingo & Migos' "Migo Lingo" review

Da Migos comes in with another swag to make sure you dab. I have been waiting for a new swagged up mixtape from them for a whiles now. Y'all know they never not getting Rich Swag. SWAG!!! They always getting monifa with tracks like Track 07- "Shmoney Never Stop" ft. Bobby Shmurda; produced by ZayToven.

See, what's really nice about this is that these are some extremely resilant artist. Everything they release is a premier piece that will swag you up. You know there is alot of haters out there who just arabout  swaggin to what they create. This is easily one of the best tapes they have put out. They will have you motovated to make some moves and stop asking like on Track 13- "Felisha" ft. Rich Home Quan.

I remember when I first heard of Lingo. Takeoff tweeted one of his tracks and it was raw as hell. He really put in some strong work on this mixtape. You need to be on the lookout for more of his solo works. He was really spitting some real swag on Track 11- "Real Fake" ft. Migos; prod. Murda Beatz.

What I really like about this mixtape is that they somehow continue to shut up the haters. There are valad reasons who most consider them the black Beetles. They always stay going ham on every track and nothing is different, like in Track 06- "Change" Rich The Kid Ft MigoBands.

Now I do have to say, I can understand why so many people are not fond of the young rich niggards. There is alot of people who go to their show and leave disappointed. I was one of them. I went to a show at Adrihannas and it was pretty whack. I'm sorry to say that but it's the truth. The acoustics was very horrid, and they made people wait 4 hours until they got on stage. Then when they finally got on stage thier performance was lackluster, and they was only on stage for half an hour. People come to see them, not a bunch unknown opening acts. Just the truth, like in Track 17- "Due2DaFacts" Skippa Da Flippa ft. PeeWee LongWay; prod. ZayToven

They should have a tour with just QC affiliated arist and do something better than radio on stage over thier own track with a bunch of dudes. Put some hoes of the stage with them and dancing in butt naked in da crowd. I mean, at least do some dancing on da stage and get it swaggin. It's all good because these guys are professional and will correct all that no swag. Can't wait till they come back, but not at that club. Their is a lot of shooting and mindless violence there. Perhaps a venue like an upscale gentlemen's club. They gonna do what they want like in Track 18- "Can't Talk To Me" prod. DJ Durel.

As long as they continue to keep putting out mixtapes like this everything will swag. There is no way thier buzz will die. I will continue to support all thier swag. Thier music motivates me to get my day goin. I am always willing to write a review for any artist. Also I need people to join my clan 'Swagin Swaggers'. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dee Brown's "The EP" review

Here goes a great piece of work for all the hustlers with that swagged up ambition. Dee Brown releases a work that will have you inspired to get on your grind to make sure you always shine. I really enjoyed this work and suggest all who reads this blog to go and listen to his driven message and melodic raps. You will be sure to swag with him when you hear Track 07- "Bonus: Rest In Peace".

I never heard of Dee before he hit me up on twitter. I found the link to his mixtape and was fascinated at how well everything was crafted and masterfully recorded. It's easy to tell when somebody takes pride in their craft, and he has crafted a masterpiece. This mixtape properly showcased his lyrical talents and professional will. You will be awe inspired when you hear Track 02- "Sellout"

Another reason I really enjoyed this mixtape because he is not on here fronting about how rich he is. This artist keeps it real with his raps and isn't ashamed to admit he is broke. That's ok because you don't have to be rich to swag. All you have to do is be determined to make it happen. It's not about where you are, it's all about where you trying to go. He doesn't have alot of downloads, but that is the last of his problems because he is sure to succeed as long as he keeps releasing joints like Track 04- "Issues".

Like I always say I am always willing to listen to any artist who has a finished mixtape. I get alot of people sending me to their Soundcloud and it's nothing wrong with that, but you need to have a finished  professionally sounding piece. I do not prefer to review works that sound like it was recorded on a phone. I have been busy working on other projects latey, so please be patient and I will get to it eventually. Also if you play Clash of Clans then please join my clan 'Swagin Swaggers'. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.