Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vince Staples "Shyne Coldchain Vol 2" review

Tune into the smooth west coast rhymes of Vince Staples and swag to da swag. This was a wonderful mixtape to listen to due to the fact he caters to any kinda of listener with his elegant melodious sounds. All West Coast rappers have a polished uniform sleek style with champion crafted beats. He shows off his savvy on Track 10- "Earth Science".

I never heard of Vince Stapeles before this mixtape. Did a little research and he is well established and has worked with plenty of top knotch artist. I love it when I find an artist who nobody has ever hear of, then I write about em & all of a sudden, they are the talk of the town. All they needed was some love and somebody to highlight thier talents and Vince sure is talented like in Track 10- "Oh You Scared" ft. Jhene Aiko.

The other day I talked with a friend and he told me he don't fuck with West Coast rappers. I can kind of understand simply because of the demographic and how far away they are from us. That is the beauty of the internet because it allows people to link up no matter your location. Personally, I love West Coast rap because it's very rare you find somebody that's whack. They set a pretty high bar for anybody who expects to go far. Something about being in that Cali sun can really swag.

I do have to point out the inconsistency of the number of download in ratio to the number of views. I have recently been informed that there are apps people can use to up the number their downloads. At first, I was totally against forged numbers because it can seem desperate, but I then realized mixtapes are promotional pieces. Artist do not make a dime for releasing gems like this one. Nobody wants to work for free and if there is some sort of setup that could up your popularity and profits, then have at it. If it aint broke don't fix it.

Promotion is the name of the game when it comes to the music industry or any industry at that. You can be the best rapper of all time, but if nobody knows u exist, then your essentially nothing. That is why I created this blog, but I do work for free. Suck ass, I know but I'm blessed so it's all swag. I was listening to my favorite radio station earlier WFMT Classical 98.7 and like PBS they are collection donations. I'm growing in readers and if any of yall were to donate it would be a swag Swag SWAG!!! Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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