Friday, March 21, 2014

Marsha Ambrosius' "FVCK & LOVE" review

Now this is what I'm talking about on da slow swag. This is my first pure R&B mixtape and you can best believe that I will be seeking out more smooth sensual swags like this work. I get tired of listening to turned up bangers all the time and it's about time I find something that is good enough for the grown folk when the lights are off and it's time to blow. She somewhat reminds me of Jill Scoot but more raunchy with Track 04- "Come"

As I wrote this review my mother came in the room and asked me who was I listening to. I told her and she told me she heard of Marsha Ambrosius before. I never heard of her and goggled her and she was part of  the duo Floetry with Natalie Stewart. I remember them having some raw ass radio hits but I never bothers to dig deep into their works. It's time I start swaggin more swags like dis swag because dis shit is swaggin.

What I really like about this is now sexual it is but at the same time pure as hell. She got a track dedicated to busting a nutt, but she make it sound so beautiful and harmonious. I was listening to dat shit thinking of some swaggete I used to swagg and she would claim the same praises. We would swap swaf all night long on da swag swag. I wish I had a girlfriend to swag this with right now, but I don't because I'm single swag.

It may only have 5 tracks but never the less it's a swag swag. This is a nice piece that defiantly makes me want to purchase the album. I much prefer this kinda mixtape as a promotional piece rather than a mixtape with a bunch of tracks but the artist aint talking bout shit that matters. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Simple). I do this for free as a promotion for any and all artist who want their mixtape reviewed. If u got it to swag, a small donation to my Paypal would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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