Monday, November 16, 2015

Vado's "Slime Flu 5" review

HARLEM STAND UP!!! Ya boi Vado came in strapping and macking. He always coming big time with his works, and he doing major numbers with every release. He is one of New York's golden boys, and has been doing his thing since he was working with Dipset. I always try to tune in to his works ever since I heard "Slime Flu 2", and you will be trapped by him when you hear Track 09- "Stay In Touch" prod. Automatiks.

Me living in the Chicago area, it's somewhat difficult to really comprehend how big Vado is. He is not played on the radio here, nor does anybody play him at any parties. Harlem set the world on fire in the early 2000's. Since then they have cooled down world wide, but it appears that they are as hot as ever in the New York area. There is more than enough people living in all the boroughs for anybody to stay getting rich, and he tells you about it on Track 08- "Gold Bricks" ft. Jadakiss, Narley Jenkins; prod. Red Chief. 

Today was a pretty gloomy day, and when it's like this I don't have patience for regular rap. I always turn to New York rappers because they are famous for their magnificent punchlines and inspirational lyricism. I can only imagine how depressing living in a area where you reside on top of one another. The majority of people are bullshitters, who's word isn't worth a dam dime. There is more than your fair share of them here, and New York has 5 times population of Chicago, so that means 5 times more bullshit. O NO! It's alright just keep your head up and he makes it easier when you hear Track 10- "Da Jux" ft AZ; prod. Dolla Bill Kidz. 

I don't travel much, but I would really like to. I can't wait until I can dab with the New York swaggers one day. If anybody wishes to connect with me just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. I'm willing to work with anybody, as long as they keep everything 100 and respectful at all time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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