Friday, December 12, 2014

Sean Brown's "Mascot 2" review

Here goes another swagged up artist sure to keep you zoned in from beginning to end. Sean Brown has released so many top notch mixtapes. I remember listening to "Whole Foods 2" and writing a review. He is multi talented, and can go hard on any kind of beat. You will witness when you listen to Track 06- "Throw".

I really like that he produces his own beats. Shows alot of prowess when an artist is able to be skilled at everything. I have never seen him on TV or heard him on the radio, but please be sure he is star in his own realm. He reps the West Coast and nobody out there is whackers. Just shows that the west coast has never fallen off, and you will know when you hear Track 02- "West Side" ft. Hi-Tuned.

I wrote in my last review that he should add more 'Turned Up' tracks. He did that plus some. I like it when an artist is flexible with his style, and able to stretch his ability to different sounds. He really doesn't hold back. He can go in on an original hip hop swag, or he might spazz out on some techno swag. You are unable to label his swag with any particular style, but that's all swag because he is in total command with his abilities. You will be sure none of this is mess up and fixed up with no flaws like in Track 13- "Mistakes" ft. Jean Castel; prod. Joey Castellani.

It's nice when I log on and see artist continue to grind. I know how important it is to keep going, because everybody gotta work. Like in Track 08- "Mula" you gotta be about making money or you gonna stay broke. I stay on my grind putting on the artist I appreciate. I used to ask for donations, but that's not necessary anymore. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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