Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The LOX's "The Trinity (3rd Sermon)" review

D-BLOCK STAY HOT!!! Yet again we have another masterpiece to add to your collection. This time it is from one of original Trio of Swag to bring hip-hop to da swag. "Money, Power, Respect" is one of my favorite albums, and one of the first that I swagged to. SWAG!!!  Now they add another work from 'The Trinity' collection. You already know what it do with Tracks 07- "Rolling With The Homies" prod. by Chris Stylez.

What I really like about LOX is they stay true to the game. I mean seriously, these are platinum selling artist putting out a mixtape for FREE! Swag! I know what be swagging, when you do thing for free. In the long run, it equals more money. Its a Wait Swag, but the best things in life are free then you will see, like in Track 03- "Wait For Me" prod. by Jahlil Beats.

I mean, when you are legends in the rap game, you will stay the same. It's part of who you are, and everything you release Auto Blows. SWAG! LOX are more than experienced and respected, they have not dropped a step. The still are master punchline lyricist that could take down the best of the new young niggs, and you will hear in Track 02- "Real Is Real" ft. Von; prod. by Virus.

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