Thursday, November 20, 2014

AGoff's "The World Is Yours 2" review

WOOP WOOP!!! Here goes another swagger for yall to swag to. SWAG!!! AGoff has been going hard for some time now, and he never fails to keep everything legit and legal swag. The Swag Gang Gereral has swagged up to next levels, and is working with major SODMG artist. If you wanna verse from him it's gonna cost you, but its all swag so just hit him up like in Track 10- "Hit My Line".

I remember when AGoff first started with Oceangang, but now he is working on his own. It's all good though, because he has always gone off on every track he goes on. At first, I couldn't believe he was charging $600 for a verse, but he must be getting paid now. That's what happens when you stay bossed up and getting them digits like in Track 02- "Doing Numbers".

I don't know what has been going on with the rest of Oceangang. I always know what AGoff be doing, because I follow him on twitter. He is a professional and keep's his listeners in tuned with all of his moves. That's the way you suppose do it. I don't understand why most of these artist are not on they grind? You gotta be a go getter and give it your all or your done like in Track 18- "Shoot Or Get Shot".

I understand this mixtape came out a whiles ago. I have alot of reviews to do. If any artist wants a review all you gotta do is email me at I will do any genera, it doesn't matter because I listen to all kinds of music. I might have to start charging because I am getting alot of request. All you gotta do is hit me up. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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