Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young Roddy's "Legal Dealing" review

Now this is another mixtape from the Jet Setter that is sure to keep you focused on the swag. So much fakeness out here that it can desensitize your perception and focus on life. Young Roddy continues to stay at the top of his game and there is no way he wont continue to rise releasing tracks like Track 7- "I Know It" ft. Curren$y & Smoke Dza prod. by Howard Davis.

On a musical front this is what I expected, pure excellence. It's a damn shame how the music industry works, because quality good sense music is ignored for popular club bangers and profits. I listen to so many mixtapes and there is no originality or creativity from most of these "artist". Everybody trying to get rich and most don't realize that real wealth is derived from your personal grind and you will know when you listen to Track 4- "Tryin" prod. by Howard Davis.

I personally find the title of this mixtape significant. We live in a world that is trying to trap so many people for others benefit. Alot of hip-hop is based off illegal activities. So many youngins out here listen to all that and are mislead to believe that is how you should live life. Then they are suckered into a legal system that is set up to make sure you never see success. Once you get a felony you cant vote, can't get a job, and you live a life where everyone judges you negatively. Find a hustle that will keep you out of prison and take Roddy's words to heart like on Track 5- "Selling That Sh%t" ft. Mr. Marcelo.

I just went the entire month of October without smoking any marijuana, and I still have not picked up a joint. Just doesn't seem right at the current time. If any artist out there want's a review just email me at GreatFrank87@gmail.com or hit me up on twitter. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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