Monday, July 28, 2014

CJ Gatz's "POV" review

CJ Gatz comes in with another mixtape sure to stimulate your swag senses and have you tuned into his swag. He really has a specialty to bring you into his realm and have you buzzing throughout the entire piece. Not often I run across artist who keep the flame going strong like him and you will know what I mean after you listen to Track 03- "My City" ft. DJ & MJ Damage; prod. by Benny Liang.

I appreciate CJ for asking me to listen to this because it was a pure joy from beginning to end. I remember listening to his last mixtape "Omega" and it left a strong impression on me. I remember how smooth and sophisticated swag it sounded. He doesn't put on an act like he is some big time and keeps it real. Please believe it's really good and I will always be willing to give pure talented artist their credit. He sure does know he is spitting some real swag on Track 10- "Hot N Cold" prod. by Beatspear.

Also, I like how CJ has an extremely diverse amount of producers and features. It is pretty whack when I listen to a mixtape and the artist didn't work with anybody. Alot of big names wont work with other artist because they got an ego, or they charging them all kinds of money. Nothing wrong with compensation someone for they time, but when it comes to music all you doing is rhyme. Anybody can do it, but the question is can you shine? It's nothing to the real swaggers because we do it all the time. All you gotta do is stay on your grind, like on Track 07- "Tunnel Vision" ft. Sean Kash; prod. by Bentley Hendrixx.

I'm back on my grind writing these reviews because I got fired from my job and I have nothing but time on my hand. Plus I'm working on other projects including my own mixtape. It would be a pleasure to work with CJ Gatz someday on da swag track. I'm willing to work with anybody who wants to swag. Until then I will continue to find artist like him to write about and promote. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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