Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Young Trizzle's "Versification 2" review

SWAG SWAG!!!  Here steps in another swagger that knows how to use dem words and swag dem verbs. If your a fan of skillful adept punch lines, they your due to love these rhymes. This is a professionally crafted work, with 25 tracks of pure grind. You gonna love da swag as soon as you play Track 07- "Revenge Of A Dreamer".

Very soon after I started playing this I could understand why this is titled "Versification", because I can verify that he is legit. This guy Trizzel has talent that is on Wheezy levels. Really, he sounds alot like Lil Wayne, back when he was swaggin with the Hot Boyz. Nothing wrong with that. I was constantly amazed with every punchline and rhyme. That is not easy and can be a headache if you not swaggin. You will appreciate his skillz after you listen to Track 11- "Versification" 

Now when it comes to the number of tracks, I was kind of annoyed. There is no reason for there to be 25 tracks. Mixtapes are promotional pieces and nobody is getting paid. I did skip some tracks, especially the ones without original beats. I know alot of producers who work really hard, and will give a good deal on some great beats. Its nice to gone head and pay for beats, because karma will swag you back and up the downloads. Producers and DJ's are great for promotion too and will have all kind of people listening and downloading.

Another reason why it's not good to have so many tracks, because most folk are not gonna bother to listen to all of them. Put out the best ones and promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!!That's the name of the game. No point in putting out great works if nobody's gonna listen. Also there is not enough credentials on the track titles, and I have no clue who the features are. Its all swag though and I will stay on the lookout for future works. 

I do this as a free service to any artist who wants their mixtapes reviewed. Literally, all you have to do is get at me on twitter and ask. Ask and you shall receive. A follow back would be nice too. I'm working on other projects, so I will get to it as soon as I'm available. Please continue to spread the word about my blog and thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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