Friday, August 23, 2013

Drake review

Ok I promised to start reviewing some big name artist to see if I can attract more readers. I have been kinda tough of Drake because every time I turn on a hip hop station here in the Chicago are his songs is getting played on repeat. I could understand if it was R Kelly or Almighty Sosa because they from the Chi,  but Drake isn't even from this country. Now I don't want anyone out there to think I am hating on Drake because quite frankly he is a musical Genius. What I am hating on is how unfair the mainstream media is and how they don't even try to support the hometown artist. Its like Young Money owns the radios stations. There is very little variety in the selection of who they choose to play. Even as I type this I find it uneasy I am giving him extra coverage.

Before I go too hard I must remind myself this is a review on Drake. I am proud of him and honestly kinda jealous because he gets so much attention, but every last bit a attention he receives is well deserved. He doesn't make mixtapes anymore but "Comeback Season", "Room For Improvement" and "So Far Gone" was and still are some the best I have ever heard. It would be nice if he did make another free one but he bout that money and I don't blame him at all.

When he came out with "Thank Me Later" I personally believe he single handled saved Hip-Hop. One of the reasons he got so big was because he put out real music at a time when hip-hip portrayed a pure negative message. He doesn't talk about gang banging or killing, all he spits about is making money and living the good life.. Something we all strive for. He feed us something that hadn't been put out in a very long time. He is a master on how to capture your entire soul when he puts out the great ballets. I have not bothered to listen to anything after his debut album because everything gets played on air.

Everybody talks about how he had money before he started rapping. How he is from the suburbs and a on a Teen Nick soap opera. SO THE FUCK WHAT? He still put in crazy work to gain the spot that he is at now.  He has earned the respect of all his peers and that's why he is one the top earners making about 20 Million a year.

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