Monday, August 26, 2013

Fat Joe's "The Darkside III" review

Gotta say I never listened to anything Fat Joe has ever put out other than his radio bangers, now I see I have made a huge mistake because I have missed out on 20 years of a playa who stayed on the top of his game. This was pretty damn desert and I will have more focus on da don. Nice that he put out a tape before he gets locked away. Pay ya taxes peoples. Track 10- "Angels Sing", is a great usage of that classic instrumental

I don't know why I have never appreciated the Terror Squad god. This is a well done perfectly crafted piece of art. Really, you should expect nothing less than from the multi-platinum selling artist who has been at the very top of his game even from back when he rolled with Big Pun.

I did read a report that he is due to be incarcerated because of some sort of tax evasion. So sad that we have so many great artist serve time just because they didn't take care of their business and make sure they pay off the Gangsta IRS. Lauren Hill, Wesley Snipes, Jessie Jackson Jr.,  its sad when politicians getting locked up and they make the laws. Trust me I know because Illinois has had the last two GOVERNORS locked away for sum bullshit. Really makes no sense because money is nothing but a piece of paper that is printed. Plus the whole idea of taxes don't make sense to because they print the money and ask for it back. The whole concept is way whack.

I diverge from that. It is a great gesture that Fat Joe went about giving us a free mixtape for his fans and he now has a new one who will focus more on his pieces. 20 years long 20 years strong expect him to never fall and a great comeback when he is released from prison

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Plus just like Fat Joe making this mixtpae for free I do these reviews for free. I do accept one dollar donations so if you do have it to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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