Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sasha Go Hard's "Nutty World Hosted By Dj Victoriouz" review

Sasha Go Hard, going to make it large. She already got her rap on a snap, on these beats that jap. Listen to her flow, because she got it bro, a glory girl she glo? Enough of the fancies. This is an established primer sounding with the exuberant lyrics to match. Track 6- Keep It 100 ft Rockie Fresh, to me is the best.

Here goes another sexy female lyricist to add to the mix of next top banger. The ladies have been outperforming the gents on a regular bases these day. This is something you can bang in the club or throw at the strip club. ;)

Her rap style somewhat reminds me of Trina. She used to do sum strange thangs to get the blang blang. BANG BANG! I'm sorry, I know I can do much better than that.. :'(

To be honest I don't know why I be rhyming in the reviews. I know they sound corny and totally fucked up. That's what happens when you listen to Sosa. But this is not a review for Sosa this is a review for ~SAHSA~ and she is very interested in going hard on ya boys so support our sexy sista.

You can download this mixtape on the link below. BTW did you know I collect donations on the top link in the description. One simple dollar will make me holla. Woo! Hoo!

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