Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don Benjamin's "High Fashon" review

I listened to this mixtape earlier this morning and I wasn't going to do a review at first because I don't have many positive things to say, but then I saw you have reached 100 downloads and that's publicity for me so fuk it. It's not bad and sounds clear its just there is nothing unique that makes me enjoy the music. Track 2- "High Fashion" he just repeats the title of the mixtape for 3 minuets straight.

In your description you say that this is your third solo mixtape and searched your name and this one is the only one I could find. If this was the first one I would be more understanding because it takes time to gel and find your sound but its pretty generic to me. I listen to about 5 tapes a day and if there isn't something that grabs my attention from the beginning you loose me.

On a positive note it is well recorded. Its sounds professional engineered and the beats are pretty nice. There is only 10 tracks with an intro and outro so really just 8 so it goes by quick and that's why I listened to it in the first place. My suggestion is just to keep going and looking for that sound that makes you better than the next artist.

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