Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frank's "Great Frank's Place" review pt 2

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I started this blog in the hopes that I can give extra coverage and attention to the small name artist that come on and upload a mixtape. I appreciate all the people who have visited this site and read my reviews. Plus I thank you for giving me your love and support. I am thankful for that to the utmost.

Every last bit of support that you can spare is more than appreciated. That is why I ask for donations. I don't have a job or any source of income. This is it for me. I eventually wish to attain some sort of ad revenue one day but that takes time. I still continue to work as hard as I can and do all of your reviews, I grow everyday in readers and pageviews. Thank you.

I am not a greedy man under any circumstances. I only ask for $1. I do this because I figure there is 6 Billion people on the planet and if I can just get one dollar from all of them, I will eventually be a billionaire one day and I can really do what I want to do in life. Until then I just have to find a way to support myself and I figure I would provide a service that hasn't been offered before. A free source of exposure for anybody. If you want me to review your mixtape I will do it at no charge. Even if you don't donate a dollar I will still do it for you.

You may ask yourself  "Why doesn't he just get off his bum ass and go to the street corner and ask strangers for a dollar?" The reason I don't do that is because I want to maintain some dignity. I was depressed for sometime after I lost my job and it just got worst when I would get interviews and nobody would hire me. I was trying to think of a way to find purpose in life and a way to support my moms and me. I realized all I do all day is listen to mixtapes so why not start a blog and see if all those rumors about making money on the internet are true. I did my research and they are true but it takes a long time for ad revenue to start flowing.

Doing this blog has revitalized my spirit. Even though I don't get paid, I still wake up everyday doing something that I want to do and enjoy doing. They say your goal in life should be to find something that you like doing and find a way to get paid doing it. Well I am working everyday to try and make that goal happen and it will but for now I need your help.

Now you also may say "Why does he have the donation over Paypal? I don't have any kinda card." First off let me say if you don't have a card but still have the spirit to give me that is more than enough. Allah/God/Jehovah works in misterous ways and will provide for me. But if you do have a card and want to give, Paypal is the most secure way to transfer funds over the internet. Plus by doing it over Paypal there is a record that I can keep and pay the proper taxes. I don't want to end up like all these people who collect donations and don't pay their taxes. I will NOT be caught up by the IRS and put in jail for a piece of green paper.

With that said I will continue to do my best in giving the most honest reviews being as detailed orientated as possible. I thank you for your support and reading my post. I know there isn't alot of flare or anything fancy on my blog but I am not a specialist at web design. I would much rather provide the services of a professional so that way its not tacky. Until then I will keep it simple. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

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