Friday, August 23, 2013

Tristian White's "Kids With Dreams" review

I came across this mixtape doing a review for the artist Kid With Dreams. THIS SHIT COLD!!! I mean this guy really has alot of talent somewhat resembling the styles of Drake. Beats is raw as hell and goes ham. Track 2- Fashioned House Mobsters, goes stupid hard.

The only reason I gave this a listen is there's only 6 tracks. How you not gonna listen to that. Even though there wasn't alot of tracks I was still tuned in and swaggin. Nothing wrong with sounding like Drake. He a multi millionaire.  I do have to say this came out last year WHY YOU AIN'T BEEN GRINDING?!! New artist who are serious should come out with at least one mixtape a month to help gain recognition for your name.

You can download this at the link below. Also I am able to collect $1 donations through Paypal. I only accept one dollar and if you have it to spare and appreciate my honest review please feel free to participate. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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