Saturday, August 17, 2013

Too Dope's "TuDopeia" review

Once you press the listen button on this one you will instantly be mercerized by the unique sound of Too Dope. Its has a old school west cost Nate Dogg sound and the hooks are on point. Track 10- I Don't Like showcases their talents.

I like when artist have their own sound. I listen anywhere from 3-5 mixtapes a day and I love all the music but sometimes it can get very boring when you hear so many people trying to sound like the hot artist out today. Be yourself and find that nitch that separates yourself from the thousands that post music everyday. Don't always try and sound like popular radio just because they make money. Do it for the music.

If your music is any good people will naturally attract to it and over time you will see success and Too Dope will have good fortunes come their way because they obviously worked very hard on this and it paid off. Keep upt eh hard work and making tracks like Track 14- Hustle Right.

Follow the link below to download this mixtape

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