Friday, August 23, 2013

Majid Jordan's "Afterhours EP" review

This is not your usually R&B hip hop mixtape. It has more of a Indie vibe that had me enamored from beginning to end.The title is fitting because this is something you spend an evening with your significant other. Although he don't sound like him, these beat have a sound that Michael Jackson would have made a hit song to. Track 2- Hold Tight, sounds so right.

I do have to say that the vocals could have been recorded a little better. In some some tracks it's difficult to understand what your saying but the hip energizer beats allow you to swag to the track with relative ease. Also I would have liked if the throughout the entire piece. Just sounds better in my opinion.

With only 8 tracks I really can't complain about anything because I was tuned in to every last loop. The fact that you started out with a reggae beat off bat got me hooked because I love reggae. I also loved this mixtape so please download it when you get a chance.

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  1. Hey! I really appreciate your reviews and how you give the little guys in the industry shout outs. I would love it if you checked out the group I represent, Kids With Dreams. I'm really interested to hear your insight on their style and content. They are a hip hop group from LA who just debuted their mixtape, Mixed Messages. You can check it out on Datpiff:

    Thank you, and keep doing what you're doing!