Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Franks "Great Frank's Place" review

Every now and then I will review myself so it helps me get better at this blogging. BTW if any of you are successful bloggers and see something I am doing wrong or have any suggestions please shoot me an email at

First thing I want to point out in my DONATION link. Please by all means feel no pressure towards giving especially if you come here and appreciate all the hard work I am doing trying to get extra exposure for all the talented artist trying to get on. I know I just started but I am dedicated to this and I do my very best to be fair in every mixtape I review.

This blog will NOT be driven by negative nasty comments as most other blogs are. If you come here to read my post and expect to see me badgering an artist because their stuff is bad, then you came to the wrong website. I wish to grow my blog into a platform for ANY artist that has dreams of making it big. If you want me to review your mixtape all you have to do is ask me on my Profile page or email me. I will do it FREE of charge. Now I will tell the BARE TRUTH. If yo shit sucks then that is exactly what I am going to say. Take it as constructive criticism. Just don't upload any garbage and you won't be called so.

With that said I am doing this FREE of charge. We all know the best things in life are free. We have free porn, free workout videos (s/o Dulcinea Hellings) and free music. I do this on my own free time because I have alot of it due to the fact I am unemployed. I have had job interviews and keep applying but nobody will hire me. Since this has been the case for sometime, I told myself I will try a new venture.

 I realized all I do all day is play Madden, watch my anime and ESPN, and listen to the mixtapes on Datpiff. As I kept listening I realized there are WAY more good mixtapes than bad, but nobody talks about them. When it comes to extra exposure the small name artist art on their own. Well not anymore because I work day and night listening and posting. The more I grow the more you will grow. I eventually wish to have enough readers so I can generate some ad revenue. For now I will have to rely on the charity of others.

I know most people are reluctant toward giving others money over the internet but its better than being scammed and tricked out your money buying some product you will get in the mail and its pure crap or you don't even bother opening it. If you were to send me some funds you can rest assure that your donation will go towards the growth of Great Frank's Place. Why even sending me ONE SINGLE DOLLAR helps me out in ways you couldn't come close to imagine.

What is one dollar? Two loose squares? You don't need to be smoking those anyway. A McDoubble at McDonald's? You know you don't need that fatty mess in yo system clogging you up. You probably wasted a dollar leaving on the TV last night raising yo electric bill. If and only if you do have it to spare I would appreciate it in ways you couldn't imagine. The transaction will be directed over paypal, a solid secure method of transferring funds.

I promise you I wish I didn't have to resort to these measures. I would much prefer to have ad revenue but I just started and that takes time to attain. This is totally out of my comfort zone but then I realized that Politicians, Ministers, Charities, even PBS ask people for money and they do it proudly so I should suck it up and kindly ask that if you are able to spare just one singular dollar you will be blessed in ways you couldn't imagine. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.

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