Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nevadv "IGGY" review

There is something special about any rapper from the desert. Something about cooking in that sun all day makes ya'll cold. This has a great psychedelic feel kinda like Andre 3000 back in the day. My favorite kind of music, second to reggae. Track 13- "RNTD" is the one you should play. 

I started listening to this on my laptop and I had to finish in my car so I could really enjoy. Please believe you will go on my sd card later because this is what I lookout for. Nevadv is unique and talented which goes a long way. Now all it takes is the grind to make sure you shine. 

Being compared to Andre 3000 is a great goal to strive for. He is a musical genius its just sad he doesn't still make music but at least we still have Big Boi putting out hits. Will Nevadv stay on his job and fill that void? Who knows all he can do is keep providing us with this good sounding music to zone out to. 

You can download this at the link below. Also PLEASE free free to donate. $1 is GREAT!!!

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