Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Colors' "Dee Day 2" review

This has alot of club banger for you to get slapped at yo favorite spot to. With Don Cannon on the tracks you know this goun ham. I respect that mans grind to the fullest. Track 16- "Turn Up Juice" well need I say more?

Wake up and smell the roses and play The Colors. I like that group name because it sounds like the Coloreds and people don't want you drinking at their water fountain. All racist antics aside, these beat were made to make you tap your feet and get off your seat. 

Although this is a different genre of rap than Spitta, this New Orleans rapper keeps the whole city afloat with a rush a hype beats, connected rhymes, and refashioned hooks guaranteed to keep you hooked. How is it possible that Don Cannon NEVER puts out anything whack?. Well its simple because perfection is only attained through ones grind, and perfection is what he expects on everything that has his name on it. 

You can download this at the link below. Also PLEASE feel free to donate at the top. $1 would be so hot!

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