Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lil Jay's "Unexpected Fame" review

CHICAGO STAND UP FOR YA BOI!!! Although you almost lost me because I almost turned it off at the beginning because you dissed Sosa, I stuck with it and listened to the entire tape because I fuks wit Chiraq niggs. This is cold with similar styles to Sosa and Soulja Sosa. How you gonna dis him then try and sound like him throughout the entire mixtape? You need to learn some respect. With that said the mixtape was raw as hell.Track 15- Foreign, goes stupid ham.

I mean really, the fact you don't mess wit Sosa and tried to dis him show you have no class. Plus you constantly talking about you a legend. WHO ARE YOU? I have NEVER heard of you. NOT ONCE!!! I be in the city and no nigga has ever said "Dat Nigga Lil Jay raw as hell".Sosa run shit. You don't talk real shit. You say you wear designer everyday. Its probably the fake shit from the Swap-O-Rama in Alsip.

Also did I hear you say the name of yo click is OBG? WTF!!! Copycat ass niggas not unique and wanna steal someones swag without paying proper respects. GBE, 300, all dat shit is on top right now and you aint shit. That's why you on my blog to begin with. If you gon rep the city then be real. You have alot of talent but not to much smarts.

Music wise everything was great. Nice rhymes, great delivery, and cold beats. I noticed on about half the tracks you do that annoying shit where the track starts and then repeats after 30 seconds or so. Little shit like that can make or break a mixtape.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I heard you say you was balling well if you really are ballin then ball me one of dem dollars and pay yo respects for me doing this review. Just one. You can send it through Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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