Friday, August 30, 2013

L.P.'s "The Runway" review

VIRGINIA STAND UP!!! He comes straight out of Danville, but has the rap swag of a New Yorker so you know his lyrics are on point. Throw then 4's up  for the 434 because this is a pure delicate hard worked piece. Track 4- "We Here" shows this boy got skillz on the bars. 

I like that he said he can freestyle so I went to your twitter and herd your "Some Type Of Way" freestyle and he is a man of his word. Rep yo city strong and keep coming out with more great works like this one and good things are bound to happen.

One small but very important component missing is I read that it took you 2 years to complete this. I know you have a son to take care of but if you are really serous about making it big, I believe any upcoming artist should release at least one mixtape a month so your name stays relevant. You know on the track you be snappin so get it crackin. 

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I know you can respect a fellow hustlers grind so please put some worth to my time. A $1 donation would be just the very best. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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