Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zed Zilla's "Time 2 Eat" review

MEMPHIS STAND UP FOR YA BOI!!! His twitter says he resides from South Memphis, and from the jump off I noticed the similarities of Memphis style that has been adapted by Yo Gotti and all the Tennessee greats. Its pretty long and I told myself if it isn't spectacular, that I would start skipping tracks and I didn't skip not one single track because this guy is sensationally stupendous with Track 16- "Memphis Shit" ft Yo Gotti and DJ Paul.

What really impressed me about this mixtape was that I was in a extremely shitty mood when I started listening and I finished with a smile on my face because he gave me some knowledge that I needed to be cool. I was expecting to be receiving much more $1 donations by now but that is not the case. Zed Zilla broke it down to me in his songs basically telling me this shit doesn't happen over night and I got to stay humble and on my grind if I wanna take flight.

I have to give it too y'all Memphis niggs y'all props because I have not heard anyone from there that is God Awful. Well I did hear this one nigg named Brabo Gator and he was hot garbage but he did have potential to get better. I like how off of y'all look out for each other and do features on each others works quite frequently. I do question where was Juicy J? I know he is busy tryin' to sell his album so I wont hold against him, also he is from North Memphis and I don't know if they beefin' with South Memphis right now.

I don't know when Zed Zilla is going on tour but Chicago is not that far from Memphis and him and his crew need to pack up the caravan and come in town because they would shut shit down. He does his thing and feeds the streets with that hot shit and we respond well to rell niggs hustling on they grind. What was awesome was the battery on my phone lasted just long enough to make it to the end and that was a sign to me that Zilla is sure to win.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I stay on my ginnd always trying to shine and do this for free. Please donate $1 donation to show that you really appreciate me. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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