Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vado's "Slime Flu 4" review

I really hate to say this but before this mixtape I have never heard of Vado. I find that quite shocking because of how big of a Dipset fan I was back in the day. I later found out that he messed with Camron around the time of Dipset demise. That's why he is so damn big in the New York area but really didn't reach out here and pick up in Chi-Town. I don't know why because he is a pure master lyricist and very few have an aresnal of punchlines to match.He is more than established with great tracks like Track 8- "Pardon Me" ft Curren$y & Smoke DZA

I was totally captured by Vados' talent and dumbfounded by the fact he isn't in rotation on the radio here in Chicago because the hood would attach to him hard. Unfortunately when it comes to hip hop and R&B, Chicago radio is ALWAYS a step behind because the industry has their claws sunk in deep and only plays the top bangers. They set forth very little effort to support hometown artist. Sometimes it sounds like they don't even bother looking for new music and the managers of the station just make a tracklist and tell the DJs to just let it play and make sure u play Drake tracks twice as much. They don't even play Migos' hits, just Versace because Drake is on the remix.

Back to Vado, I will eventually be listening to his other works because its obvious a talent of this caliber is rare to come by.  Cassidy is the only one that comes to mind when it comes to great punchlines but nobody is coming close to reaching the hustlers spot but Cassidy and Vado work together so its all good. I can't wait until he does a show here, please believe I'm gonna go.

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