Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Young Jeezy, Doughboyz Cashout & YG's "Boss Yo Life Up Gang" review

Corporate Thug Entertainment with Young Jeezy at the helm will always thrive because he brings nothing less that the best. Over the years the supporting cast has changed (Doughboyz Cashout & YG) but with Jizzel at the the core, he will never put out anything that can be considered as bored. Now he goes by El Jefe but its still him giving that real talk that real niggs pay attention to listen. Track 16- "My Nigga" ft yG, Jefe, & Rich Homie Quan, is what most would call a hit.

I could have a stupid long review on the success of Young Jeezy and how I admire his style. What attached me to him back when I was a lil niglett in highschool was his real talk. I tell artist all the time when you ONLY spit real talk people naturally attract to your music because its real. I can tell instantly when an artist is false flagging or having straight bullshit come out of their mouth because it just doesn't sound right.

Another valuable part due to the success of Jeezy is his connection with Don Cannon. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how much I praise his releases and he really blew up when he started working with Jeezy on "Trap or Die". That was when CTE had Slick Pulla and Blood Raw, I wonder what happened to them. Nevertheless Jeezy has found a way to ensure that his name NEVER falls off because he is a natural hustler and knows how to get dat doe.

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