Saturday, September 21, 2013

YP's "Restless" review

CHICAGO STAND UP FOR YA BOI!!! His twitter account is verified and this mixtape is too fly. Not to be confused with the rapper YG who is signed with Young Jeezy's CTE, YP has his own sound that will get them feet off the ground to his smooth beats. Track 10- "High", is one of many that is nice and right.

YP is the positive music that we need in this city. I got news that there was a shooting in the Back of the Yards over by 51st & Wood yesterday and 13 people got shot up in a park. Although its horrible news, I wasn't shocked because that shit happens every damn day here. Its a warzone and niggs is savages. The show "Shameless" with William H Macy does not give a proper depiction of what the south side of Chicago is about. I honestly believe that Obama needs to bring in the Marines and get control of all the violence. FUCK SYRIA!!! Its a war in your hometown Mr. President.

I am from Chi-Town and I be around. I am very biased when it comes to hometown artist because I look out for my peoples. Cali, New York, and Atlanta have all had a period of time when they ruled the rap game and any artist who repped one of those cities was instantly on. Chicago has never had a great collection of rappers who controlled national radio airways. Yeah we do have Kayne and R Kelly but that's really sums it up. This is mainly due to everyone leaving because its cold here. SO WHAT ITS COLD!!! The cold thickens your blood and makes you grind harder to stay hot, so why would u leave this spot?

Sorry YP for preaching on your review but he knows where I'm coming from. His music is exactly what need to be played on Power 92 and WGCI bc its nice and smooth rap to calm them stupid niggs feeding n2 the system by continuing to do stupid shit. Listen to Track 9- "Crazy" and YP goes in on what I'm tryin to say.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do provide this as a free service to any and all artist and anyone who wants to read about good music. If you have it to give a $1 do my paypal would go a very long way. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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